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Dashboard inadequate

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If you click on the blue number below where it says 2 posts in your panel on the left in this forum you can see your own images.


You can also do an advanced search using contributor name in the general Alamy page.



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On 25/05/2018 at 19:14, Ashavatar said:

How can i see all my images in one place? The dashboard only gives the edit view option. Where can i see my contributor/profile displayed properly?

The dashboard isn't "inadequate" as you put it. It's for annotation purposes and is not intended to show your images as they appear in a search result.

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3 minutes ago, Colin Woods said:

Is it National Red Arrow Giving day today? Grow up red-arrowers. 

I think I know who it is and he'll soon be gone with a bit of luck.

Unfortunately it's occasionally the last gasp of someone on their way out because they can't get their way.

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12 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

That kind of Red Arrow I do like to see. Is that one of the Folland Gnats?

It is a replica parked in Downing Street for a day for RAF 100   I also got a shot of Philip Hammond coming  out of 11 Downing Street with the aircraft right outside his front door........ (sorry for being off topic but you have to laugh....)

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