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  1. Hi The instructions for using this are a little beyond me. Can anyone help in the setup process? It just doesnt seem to work.. Thanks in advance... J
  2. Editing on Surface Pro anyone?

    Thanks for your response, decided to go for it and got the one with the i7 processor. It arrived today and so far very impressed with its speed compared to my old netbook. Also bought a USB hub to go with it that has a LAN connector, and an adapter for external displays. J
  3. Hi I'm just in the process of looking into a newer 'editing on the go' bit of kit, and was wondering if anyone has used the Surface Pro 4? I'm looking at the 256gb 8gb i5 because they are starting to pop up within my budget. Anyones experience of something like this would be greatly appreciated. Regards J
  4. Its not as bad as you think. Just find out why that one photo failed, and correct if possible, and check all the others for the same reason. View them at 100% etc. Then try again. Its interesting sometimes to discover failure reasons that you may not have spotted.
  5. Alamy survey

    Damn, I should have asked for that stockimo app on android again. You've just reminded me... J
  6. Alamy survey

    I suggested actively looking for usage and chasing payments.
  7. Hi, Are you using Web or ftp to upload? J
  8. What do you do for storage?

    Backblaze, Dropbox and external hdd. I also keep origional memory cards in a safe place until all backups are done. Very impressed with backblaze so far. My aim next is to replace dropbox with a couple ssds over the next few months.
  9. Help Ed Rooney

    Small contribution made Edo. All the best. J
  10. Help Ed Rooney

    I can chip in a little. Every little helps and all that.. J
  11. Happy to add what I can. J
  12. Geolocation apps?

    Just did a search on google for 'location reminder' and for 'proximity reminder' and quite a few options came up. It'd be worth using those search terms to find whats most suitable and try them out. Might try one myself as I too have the same problem. Strange thing is I can always remember pubs that I've intended to visit (even when upto 50 miles away)! J
  13. Sun chasing apps for smartphones

    Exsate Golden Hour. I have it on android, not sure if it's on iPhone.
  14. Downloading sales report

    If you have excel, you can open a csv file and the re save in whatever format you want.
  15. FTP login not working:

    If you used: Host:upload.alamy.com Username: Password: Port:21 And it's not working then you'll need to contact them. J