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  1. Something ive not come across before and just wondering if anyone has had the same... Just did a search in one of my pseudo summaries for the last month, and i have a number of searches that show as : your views 1, sessions 1, zooms 0, total views 0, ctr% Nan! so although mine was viewed, it wasnt actually? its the YOUR VIEWS 1 and TOTAL VIEWS 0, thats confusing! happens on a number of searches over the last month. any thoughts welcome JH
  2. Hi, Like a lot of us at the moment, im spending a bit of time doing some archive housekeeping. A while back i lost a couple of weeks worth of DNG files whilst swapping systems. The images have been imported into lightroom, edits made etc, and are obviously now showing as missing. Is it possible to reproduce the DNG files from the original RAWs in one smooth process so that they sit in their correct places and lightroom can find them again? Useful notes: Files are CR2 and where renamed before lightroom so have the same name as missing images in catalog (excluding the extension
  3. Might only be possible after they've cleared QC. JH
  4. Hi Ed, Hope you're enjoying my parents home town. There are a couple of Facebook groups that focus on images of Liverpool old and new that may be of use. Hope that may help. J
  5. it's actually a '+' symbol in html. I've noticed an increase in these too.
  6. I can recommend Surface Pro 4 i7. LR works fine on it, as did PS on the 3 individual times I've tried to get my head round it.
  7. I do remember someone mentioning they couldn't get this app to work on a newer phone but it does still work with mine. From what I remember when I first set it up, I used it in conjunction with astro file manager app. to get pictures in the correct place and create folders. basically set up a lr export folder that had pics ready to go and an uploaded folder to store them until they appeared on news feed. before running the upload. was a bit trial and error at first but got it working great.
  8. Not sure about your individual issue but if you send a support ticket he is normally good at getting back. He does make occasional comments on here but a message through the website would probably be your best option.
  9. 'still imagery' doesn't quite quite cut it I'm afraid. The answer to what camera you need is like how long is a piece of string. every camera has its plus and minus points. What are you going to be taking pictures of? When are you taking them? what situation? Basically it all comes down to convenience. and what you can physically do with it. if you are always shooting indoors then a full frame may be better than apsc. but if you are always shooting birds outside then you may prefer the opposite. can you give more of a clue of your subjects?
  10. Interesting backblaze update with the option to store versions forever for an extra couple of pounds a month. I've often thought that I'm unlikely to notice a file being deleted within 30 days of it happening. https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backblaze-7-0-version-history-and-beyond/
  11. I'm really having difficulty believing what's happened. Keith has given me so much advice & tips over the last few years and I'm pretty sure that around 80% of my stock/news income is a direct result of correspondence with him. I really am deeply saddened by the loss of someone that has given me so much drive and motivation over a relatively short space of time. Keith has changed the way I take photos for the better. I'll most certainly miss his presence. R.I.P RedSnapper
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