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  1. New to the Forum

    Hi AIM : Alamy Image Manager CTR : Click Through Rate JH
  2. Jim Keir's Lightroom Alamy Bridge (LRAlamy) Plug-in

    Hi Jim, Looking forward to watching these videos, and using the plugin more over the next month as I focus a bit more on alamy when some of my other work winds down. Regards James
  3. I have a hunch (based on the m series) that it will be quickly followed up with an R2. JH
  4. same, when I get a chance I'm going to get the cc version on my desktop to see if there are any more options that may sync to the app. JH
  5. well from my point of view I'm glad it's not just me. but a solution or explanation would be even better. JH
  6. Maybe somewhere there is something nut to be honest I can't think it is Wim, the last time I used lr cc mob was the the last news picture that worked fine. I'm going to keep trying things but there are very limited settings available to change in lr mob. JH
  7. I think I might actually, I forgot about them! cheers for that! JH
  8. Hi yes I selected the maximum option. it used to work fine but now even if I try to export the pictures I took a month or 2 ago and re export they are smaller too. it had been previously exporting around a 15mb file. but even the old ones now export at around 5mb. it'd just be good to know why! JH
  9. Hi my normal workflow for live news is, connect camera to phone with otg cable import to lr. quick edit preset, save to device and then upload via ftp. not done any news pictures for a couple of weeks but just noticed the exported files is now only 5mb from a raw that was 26mb! if anyone can shed some light ot why this might be happening I'd appreciate it. J
  10. Can Image manager be operated from smartphone

    Hi, If all else fails, you could use 'press iptc' app on android although you'd have to do each picture individually if they have different keywords. You'd obviously have to do the optional info at a later date. actually I'm sure there's an android iptc editor app out the somewhere and then you could just upload via an ftp app. JH
  11. captions and keywords

    Just came accross this that might be interesting to some of the people here regarding captions, but some of the things may apply to keywords/tags aswell: https://www.wikihow.com/Write-Good-Captions-in-Photojournalism JH
  12. Storage and backuo...

    backblaze and dropbox (for catalogue backup and live working files) also have origional and dng plus I keep on sd/cf cards until in at least 2 other places. JH
  13. Alamy watermarked images on this site

    Yeah I agree, hence the suggestion of a seperate reporting thing on the dashboard or seperate email address. But then again, if they don't bother chasing up payments and reporting from established UK news papers then what do they really care! as long as the hq wages are paid and they cover the cost of the Christmas party... JH
  14. Alamy watermarked images on this site

    I can't report it due to alamy only allowing you to report your own images. Mine are not there, I only came across it whilst looking for Swindon bus timetables. I could be wrong on this, is there a facility to report alamy watermarked images? or is it just a case of emailing? Quite honestly, as this happens a lot, I thinks there should be a dashboard option or at least a dedicated email address. JH
  15. Just came accross this case that might be interesting to some of the people here: https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/essex-couple-suing-rod-stewart-1970337 JH