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My zooms are plummeting since I paused submitting

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Not sure if any of these theories hold water. There are so many images available compared to most individual contributor's collections, that variability is the norm. My zooms go up and down with the weather, or maybe the phases of the moon, there is no detectable pattern. In any event many of my recent sales were never zoomed. Zooms are encouraging, but, these days, it is becoming more unusual to score an exclusive zoom, not something to lose sleep over.

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At least half the sales I make are from images that do not appear in my zoom list. I do think, though, that since I started making more regular contributions, after a long hiatus, both my zooms and sales have picked up to the point where I'm disappointed if I don't see a sale every 2 or 3 days. In my "down time" I was lucky to see a sale every month.


Last year, I broke my all-time record for sales in a year. This year, I have 7 sales to go to break that record and 6 months to do it in. Not sure at all if there a connection, but as J Paul Getty said..."the harder I work, the luckier I get!"

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5 zooms yesterday keeps my numbers the same for the rolling month. I don't treat zooms as a bellwether of how well

I am doing,. The only measure for me is sales. If Alamy gave us a visual of "add to light box" data that might be more useful.

75% of my sales so far this year are not zoom related.



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10 hours ago, MandyD said:

again....should be looking at views and not zooms...higher placement gets you more views, whereas the customer still controls the zooms.


Doesn't the customer also control the number of views?



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1 hour ago, Matt Ashmore said:


Only by doing more or less searches or by clicking through more or less pages of search results.


Agreed - so they do then! ;)

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9 minutes ago, andremichel said:

Maybe generally zooms are down across the board regardless of whether you are uploading or not. 




I don't think my zooms are "down". as mentioned, I've probably sold as many zoomed as non-zoomed images, in the 14 or so years I've been with Alamy and that doesn't seem to have changed significantly. 

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