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2 hours ago, Jools Elliott said:

Thank for that! 45 days then which is great.

I’m still waiting for one from December 22nd, and two from 31st January. So don’t count on the 45 days.

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3 hours ago, York Photographer said:

The Sun have a habit of reusing pictures, without reporting them. Keep an eye out for them in the coming months and years. Take a screen of any subsequent uses and be ready to chase if they don't go on as sales.

Thanks for that advice. I have just checked and found one of my Beast from the East photos used on two different dates ten days apart in different articles in the Scottish Sun.

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5 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

If you plan on doing this as a regular thing, set yourself up with a spreadsheet of

image name

image ref

where published


date used

date reported

date paid

date to report to Alamy (4 months!)

etc, etc

I have unreported usages from the 11th November that need chasing up as well


That’s a good idea. So far, I have been taking a screenshot which shows the url, and then renaming the screenshot with name of newspaper and date it appeared. I keep them in a Dropbox folder, and delete once reported. 

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Just a tangential question: one of my Beast from the East photos was in The Mirror, then appeared the same day in WSBuzz news, whatever that is. Is it one of these websites that scrapes news websites and can’t be chased for uses?

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