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Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

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4 hours ago, Nick Hatton said:

Think our Red Snapper (Kieth Morris) has just been on BBC 1s one show photographing the Starlings in yes you guest it aberystwyth!


Well, go figure.  :-))  We only get BBC America over here in the colonies so I doubt I'll be seeing him. 



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4 minutes ago, JeffGreenberg said:


Only works in UK.

sidebar: why would anyone want something on WWW to only work in one-some countries???!!

I've explained in the other thread. The BBC is funded by a licence fee in the UK. Outside the UK you don't pay for its content so you can't watch it.

Probably not in this case but there could be rights issues- remember those territorial licences?

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4 hours ago, RedSnapper said:

And to piggy back on this exposure...


Remember i'm running my one -day workshop/seminar on stock / live news work in Cirencester on April 7th ..

more details here:




Already booked on Keith see you there! 

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