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On 31/1/2018 at 11:12, Thomas Kyhn said:

Can anyone here recommend an app for releases (iOS)?


16 hours ago, Christopher Price said:


I have a couple but the one I currently am using is called Releases. I think it was free and is very easy to use. Plus it does not require you to find a witness to complete the release as my other one does.



I benefitted from this information as well, thanks. There seems to be two free apps for iPhone called Releases. One from 500pix and one from Snapwire. Which one are you using?

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21 hours ago, Colblimp said:

How does one 'attach' a model release from your iPhone/iPad to a pic on Alamy?  It's always confused me, hence why none of my people shots have model releases.


The iPhone will email the release to you ready for when you upload to Alamy



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