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Web uploader doing funky stuff again

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I've just uploaded a smallish batch. At the end, the web uploader showed "36 of 35 images uploaded". Had to look twice and, after a few head scratches as to where the mysterious extra image may have come from, decided to press finish upload anyway. AIM now shows 35 in QC (there were always just 35) but thought I'd mention it in case it's a tech glitch that causes any issues.


In other news - Merry Christmas everyone, have a lovely weekend!

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7 hours ago, gvallee said:

Same thing happened to me Sally. You're not alone, you didn't hallucinate.


Happy Xmas too!



:ph34r: I'm Chris, so if there's a Sally also, then I'm definitely not alone, Gen, but I may be hallucinating after all. :D :D  Happy Christmas!!


PS. fotoDogue - I reckon images dated 18th January were more likely to be an export glitch or someone accidentally changing their in-camera info. 

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