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I am so angry at Wikipedia and at PETA. Many wildlife photographers are very mindful of helping animals that may cease to exist if people don't care enough to protect them. Paul Nicklen has recently opened a gallery in Soho that is well worth visiting if you are in New York. This is an article about it..https://www.goodtroublemag.com/home/saving-the-seas-photography-and-the-paul-nicklen-gallery He is not unusual in his desire to use his photography to do good work for the subjects he photographs. Groups that claim to care about animals have no business getting in the way of a photographer spending time and money and effort to draw attention to species that need protecting.



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The whiff of nationalism about Wikipedia's attitude was a little distasteful- how dare foreigners try to make us obey their laws seemed to be one of their arguments.

The fact is that most other countries would protect him as the copyright holder. Unfortunately the US is where the 'action' is and if he can't enforce there it's pretty much a dead letter.

Personally I'm quite proud that we had one of the first copyright regimes in the world- it's older than the US itself.


(I could have quoted Wikipedia but in the circumstances another source seems appropriate).


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Actually Slater did win in Federal Court several years ago. That's why PETA has taken it to the next level and is trying to appeal the decision.

From the story linked above " The US Copyright Office ruled that animals cannot own copyright but People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sued Mr Slater in 2015.  "


According to what I heard on ABC news last night, the Appeals Court is questioning whether or not PETA has legal standing to bring such a suit.

I guess when you rely on donations it doesn't matter how much of other people's money you spend just to try to make a point. If PETA loses this round it could go to the Supreme Court, if they're willing to hear it.

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34 minutes ago, JeffGreenberg said:

when you rely on donations it doesn't matter how much of other people's money you spend


Can't tell from article if Slater was struggling part-timer all along...?

Lots of right wing people hate PETA, including celebrities, & if Slater had publicized

his plight, he might'a received more $$ for legal expenses than PETA!!!


Plenty of people on the left dislike Peta as well. This story is getting plenty of coverage on both sides of the pond.

I'm hoping he sets up some kind of fundraising site, like GoFundMe, to cover his legal expenses. I'm sure plenty of photographers and other creatives would be willing to contribute.

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