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Change in shape of CTR plot since new search algorithm

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Anyone else seeing a change in the shape of their CTR plot since the new search algorithm was introduced? My plot was always quite spiky but suddenly seems to have smoothed out.




I wonder why....


At first I thought it was just "random statistics" but the longer it goes on I think something has definitely changed. The number of images I have on Alamy hasn't changed that much so it's not the averaging effect of a larger portfolio.

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 I have noticed a change in the shape to my plot as I've got older!! and yes, not as spiky as it once was and definitely a little smother. The wife said she noticed it awhile back.



Cheers and gone.



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Yes, mine also smoothed out after the changes. However, it has started to spike again during the past couple of months. A client had a zoom-fest with some of my images (not complaining) earlier this month, so my CTR is currently reaching for the stars.

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I retagged my images, deleted 2000 images, and converted everything to RF in the new Image Manager when it became available.

Since then my CTR has risen about 30% from before, and is not as spikey.

Even more interesting I have two pseudos.

William Brooks contained 1328 images that I really liked, and thought were my best.

Bill Brooks had 14023 lesser images that I thought were good meat and potatoes images. In the retagging I deleted 2000 of the weakest images in the Bill Brooks pseudo, leaving 12,023 under Bill Brooks. I deleted nothing from the William Brooks pseudo

Formally William Brooks was my best performing pseudo by a large margin. For the last 2 months Bill Brooks has been my best performing pseudo.

I think the takeaway is, it is more important to edit tightly, than to get your image numbers up.

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