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Hi all, What is the best way of indicating that a photo may be suitable for a book cover? I assume you just keyword appropriately using something line 'book cover' - anyone got any more sophisticated suggestions /ideas? Many thanks in advance.


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I've wondered about this in the past. The problem is that customers do look for pics of existing book covers - I've sold a couple. 

I think putting potential uses as keywords would probably confuse things. Most of the searches I see in AoA seem to be for pics of existing books.

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Early on, I used "calanders, greeting cards" but found they did absolutely no good. I think if a buyer for those markets want a pet, a scenic or a flower, they'll search for it directly.

As I'm going through my legacy images, I'm removing those tags, which use up valuable space.

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Maybe there should be a 'potential use' option in Image Manager, along with the releases and optional info.

Alamy already produce lightboxes suggesting potential uses to their clients - maybe there should be a way contributors could put forward images for consideration.

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There is a category Book Covers.

One could study them and see if there's an overall theme there or a common denominator.


First thing: the one responsible for this category does not believe in wraparound covers.


My covers have been:

35 horizontal

7 vertical

3 square

And do not resemble the images showcased in that lightbox.


One of the license details had this line:

Includes back cover and spine use.

And indeed may have been a wraparound, I'm not sure because I have only seen the front of that book.

This was my image:



My guess is that in general, people designing books, are the last who need a description like: this would make a nice cover. (Used by an agency.)





We had some covers here.


some images with the covers if you click on the thumbnail:


image not on Alamy anymore

because of complaint

but one of my favorites.


=1 use (but Google now finds 20,400,000 results in 0.30 seconds. Oh well.
20,500,000 results (in 0.82 seconds)
There's a dvd too.
This last one has not been reported yet. Found it on Twitter.
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