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So I have an illustration of a cartoon man. In Optional, do I list one person when it's not a real person?


My thoughts are no, but illustration is new to me. When a buyer searches illustration, do they search by number of people? Or is illustrations not treated the way of photographs?


The reason I think "no people" is to sell RF, if I listed 1 person, then I'd be asked about releases.

I asked this cartoon guy for a release but he thumbed his nose at me. :D

Should I put in tags, one person only?



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Just out of curiosity I changed one of my photos to illustration to see if any of the optional choices changed.  No they don't, so how can you have releases for an illustration?  I guess if it was an illustration of a specific person you may need one.


Ask member services, its a good point.



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Is it  photo of an illustration? If so I'd go with


Number of people = 0

Property = Yes

Property release = Yes or No (depending on whether you have one)

No photo, Mark. Simply an illustration I created from scratch.
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