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Is anyone else having upload troubles?


I tried an upload of 16 images last night (Friday) & it failed half way through with the "washing machine" icon spinning on the next file to process. I tried again a few hours later & I couldn't get even the first image to upload. This morning (Saturday), I tried again & my browser crashed after 10 images. Those 10 images however are now in "processing".


I use Firefox & as a computer engineer, everything is working well on my Windows 7 pc. I can't remember the last time my Firefox crashed, but not for at least a year. Is this just me, or is it affecting anyone else?

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I didn't upload yesterday but in the days before. Various upload problems have been reported lately, mostly FTP, though. I haven't faced any of these problems yet using Windows 10 and Chrome and uploading via the Alamy site.


PS Reminds me of the joke with three engineers riding in a car that won't start, one of them is a computer engineer. You probably know what to do?  :)

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I'm having constant problems with Alamy Web Upload NOT FTP.  FTP works fine. 

Alamy Web Upload either is extremely slow or fails with messages "Upload Error.

I have reported it to Alamy and they told me the problem was me.  I never had issues with the old Alamy Web Upload.  


Here is the other thread on the same issue in the other forum http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/7190-100-upload-image-submission-failing-to-error/

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My upload of 13 took two hours. No spinning icon, just at a snail's pace. This was not a prime heavy traffic time, but 8 pm USA.


During that time, I painted the living room and watched the paint dry. ;)



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