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  1. Thank you. How about the properties? Houses, boats etc?
  2. Good morning (PfCO holder) I have previously posted a few drone images & am now starting to post aerial images of my local towns. Although they are far too small to be recognised or perhaps even seen, there must be people in the image, so I enter 5+ people & also that there is property in the image with no release. Would this be correct? Example: (social media sized)
  3. I managed to sort out my dashboard by changing the link slightly to: https://www.alamy.com/myalamy-aim.aspx?login=1
  4. Not sure what you are doubting? I'm not casting aspersions on your imagery.
  5. Thanks for the info, nice shot Steve! You realise that on a 1" sensor, f5.6 is right on the edge before diffraction? I always keep at ISO100, I find that the small sensor gives a lot less dynamic range making editing more difficult.
  6. I appreciate the replies. I'm going to take a punt & upload a few shots!
  7. Thanks. We have the same sensor size, but the Phantom has a mechanical shutter & slightly less pixels, making it a touch better in lower light.
  8. Thanks Kevin, yes I fly in cold weather. The M2Pis spec'd down to -10C. I find that battery life can be affected in colder weather.
  9. Thank you. A nicely laid-put page, but inconsistent information. For instance, suggesting they need a M43 while also implying that a Mavic 2 Pro is acceptable. I will upload a couple images & see what happens.
  10. Thanks for the link, lets just hope he got an OSC for hovering over "thousands of people".
  11. I thought there may be a list somewhere of approved cameras.
  12. Hi Are drone still images acceptable for uploading to Alamy? Mavic 2 Pro: 1" sensor
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