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  1. Indeed, however a Lightroom import preset gives a few more entry options. Also if you have an Olympus, you can use a preset to zap the stupid Olympus caption. (grrrr)
  2. suggest travel tripod, will you...???

    Another vote for the Manfrotto Befree. I have the Carbon Fibre model & just got back from a trip to Edinburgh with it. Very good for mirrorless cameras with short lenses, but definitely would not use it with my Nikon FX. I used it with my Olympus OMD EM1.2. Easy to carry & the carbon fibre made it easy to carry in the cold.
  3. If to Alamy, perhaps you could tell us the error message, the file size & what upload method you are using?
  4. 10 day account freeze

    Ouch, seems a bit harsh! What was the reason for the rejection (I wonder if they may have felt that whole batch warranted the naughty step?)
  5. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    Interesting topic. For the past few years, I've been using backup to USB drives (1 offsite, 1 onsite) & also Crashplan. Within the past few months, Crashplan pulled out of the consumer market & now only offer their business version. Which seems basically the same, except 3 times the price. They offered an upgrade process which didn't work at all for me & that, combined with my findings that Crashplan had a drain on my pc performance & also the security risk of a Java app, made me drop Crashplan. I tried Backblaze, but didn't like the lack of granular control. I tried to test Carbonite, but it wouldn't install - it seems that if your use Dreamweaver then this affects the install scripts for Carbonite. So I'm back to just using USB drives at the moment, I'm still keeping a watch on the market. It may be worth a mention that backup is not the same as synchronisation. Dropbox, Onedrive etc are synchronisation. Get a virus, accidentally delete a file, the change is synchronised to the cloud & then to any other devices you have. Backup keeps a separate copy, but you need a backup system which keeps maybe 3 versions of the file. (Carbonite does this) Otherwise a virus or corruption could simply overwrite your good backup copy.
  6. Colour calibration

    Tim, I wouldn't base any calibration issues on Photobox results, we've found them to be poor. Just a small step up from Boots really. We use Loxley Colour for all client work & find them to be excellent.
  7. Hello All

    Hello & welcome, Mark.
  8. Alamy Measures Update

    @Atko I have a couple images along the lines of your KCNX1A process. I had assumed that Alamy would not accept it. Do you upload KCNX1A as a regular photo, or as an illustration?
  9. Confused of failing QC

    Hi John, much as the others have said really. The Pap image is a little blurred on the subject, so that's not going to get through a regular QC. News, maybe. The other portrait images have a lot of noise. Looking at them all in your link, noise is the main issue on all of them, with some of your portraits up to ISO 3200 & very little if any noise reduction. Your D3100 is a fine camera, the 18-135 zoom is acceptable, but it's worth bearing in mind with a consumer zoom that they often loose image quality at their max zoom length. With a crop camera, diffraction starts to creep in after f11, & you have a few shots at f14 - which with the noise & max zoom, only adds to the softness. Nice lighting though. As Geoff mentioned, just mask the sharpening & deal with the noise & they may be ok.
  10. Selective-colour?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm about to upload my first Olympus images, I'll be biting my fingernails! Have a good bank holiday everyone!
  11. Selective-colour?

  12. I don't think I've ever done a selective-colour image before, but I have a street image where I've made the surroundings de-saturated to draw attention to the subject. Would this be acceptable to Alamy?
  13. Monitor recommendation please

    I still have my Eizo 10 years on. It doesn't "hold" calibration for long though now. I saw a rather nice HP Dreamcolor (?) a few months ago which looked rather nice.