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Hello from Berlin, Germany

Guest Stockfotoart

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Hello Stockfotoart,


A quick look at your images on line and I see that you have far too many similars which is going to knock your click through rating back (CTR). Big disadvantage.


In general no one can tell you what will or won't sell on Alamy just keep uploading a wide variety of subjects.


I licensed one recently of a full rubbish skip.


With that number of images on Alamy you have done well to have the views you have and to have had 1 zoom. Keep uploading and the zooms/sales will appear more often.



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thanks so much Allan and Geoff for the commentary. :)


Well I am not a native english speaker and I can only guess :blink:   about your "sold ones" ;) ..must be great stuff though :D ....


would you delete the similar images or just leave it that way?

Delete some of the colourised ones. Otherwise, keep a portrait and a landscape of the same subject, but delete any which are very similar.

For example, H3RA0C and E are different- one buyer might want the cars, another not. H40922,4,5,and 6 are very similar. Pick one or two. There are a lot of similars, if not identicals, in the H3RAxx set.

You could probably reduce your collection by a quarter over time.

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I would love to meet up with you Lisa and StockFotoArt - and anyone else who is around too! I am away until 14th November, so hopefully it will be after this. Are you here the whole month Lisa?



Yes I am free any time from Nov. 14 - 30, then I head to Prague on Dec. 1. 

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Philippe behave.....


About the long weekend keyword. I can inmagine that Stockfotoart was thinking about a article about a long weekend and that the bicycle would fit. So for sure no bad intention. It just need some more practise. Keywords should be more literally. Most of the time customers knows what they want and they will look for bicycle and not look for long weekend to find a bicycle.


This nice colleague Philippe is actually very helpful. Yes you have to go through hellfire but actually reading his comments will help me or you. He is a little giving away his secrets... I dont think he wants to be mean.

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Perhaps I am not accurate, pardon my English, but I just wanted to say

first remove keywords, and then remove the image

The image will still be 6 months in the database, but because they are not keywords nobody can find it

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