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Newbie Here Needing Some Guidance


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Hi everyone,


I'm a newbie on here and I've just uploaded some photos yesterday but not sure about a few things.  :rolleyes:


Firstly I'm not sure about the Royalty Fee and the Rights Managed Fee. How do you go about selecting which one is appropriate for your photos? I only posted three photos as I wanted to see how I would get on with just those three but I have a heap of photos to choose from ie 405!! 


What is Model Released? And what is Property Released? Do I need to worry about those yet? 


I'm a bit unsure about the UK things to do with getting paid but I don't think that that is of a concern as I don't live in the UK. I live in Australia. 


How does everyone go with getting paid? It asks you if you want to be paid in pounds, US Dollars or Euros. How does that work? Is it safe putting your bank details on here? I'm a bit nervous about that side of things. 


I guess theres a lot of questions as I have never done this before but I've been photographing all my life. Used to use an analogue film camera and now use the smartphone and the digital camera. But I have an arts background as well. 


Anyway please help me out as I'm really stuck. 


I'm not sure how to use the website but learning. I don't even know if the photos I posted were the right ones. And I kept trying to post photos but they kept not downloading onto the site as they were wrong size. So I just tried other photos until I got the right ones that were accepted. 


Cheers and thanks for your help and guidance in advance. 







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I am not being nasty here just trying to point you in the right direction for the answers you are seeking.


I am not sure how experienced you are but from the look of your questions, not very.


The first thing to do is read everything that is on the Alamy pages about stock photography and Alamys technical requirements.


Then if you still have any questions search the forums for the answers.


If you cannot find what you need to know there, and I doubt it, then ask your question in the "Ask the forum" section.


Good luck.



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While I am new here, I have been into stock photography a little longer elsewhere. Alamy is kind of self service. They inspect the files for technical quality, the rest is up to you. That means that it is you who stands in court if there are some legal issues with a caption. 

Several competing sites have file inspectors who of course also check the pictures for technical quality, but not least for legal issues. For me it was quite an eyeopener when i joined the competing site as a newbie, and got pitures rejected for legal issues I had never thought about. You may wonder how small details can turn out to become a problem. That little logo or some building in the background. Those sites pay less in royalty, but may also save a newbie a lot of trouble.   

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 I tank all alarmy contributors here for their sensitive concept shared to coup other like me here. Not too long i signup on alarmy  which i have not upload any image because i get little confuse that makes me to get here. What i want to ask is how to upload image base on  model and property release form.In  which form  can i release my photo and how this can be done to keep my stock safety .

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well spotted, should have noticed that.   and I sounded too grumpy perhaps!


That's it, Robert. Scare off the competition!! :-)



It's the perfect plan  :ph34r:


(i just wanted to use the ninja face)  :D

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