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  1. I'm also new here on Alamy, but I'm on other sites for somewhat longer. There is no absolute verdict about a photo. Brian Philippe and John are right about the grey sky of San Diego. But then, lets assume all other stock pics are with blue skies, why make what others have already made? I think the grey sky does well on some of the pics with homeless people and traffic jams. By nature I am sinister, I like sinister pics, I make sinister pics. Believe it or not, they also sell. Browse trough stockphotos and pay attention to what is not there. If you find somethign, keep it as your dearest s
  2. I like shadows. Let shadows be shadows. Oh, yeah i remember the tobacco grad filter. I still have it somewhere. I'll let it stay there.
  3. One question about keywords. Lets say I have a photo that is a side view of something. Adding the keywords one by one - side view - is too general. Draw it together in one word sideview doesnt make much sense either. Will quote marks "side view" work for this purpose, so that the keyphrase only generates a it when a user really does a search where the phrase side view is desired`?
  4. I would delete an image if I manage to make a new image of same subject/situation that does the subject more justice than the old, if I am not satisfied with the original pic in first place. Or if I have concerns about possible legal issues, if a release would actually have been required etc.
  5. It is holiday time,and the 24 hour promise may be somewhat optimistic. I am new here too, and as I remember it took 3 days. Just give it a little more time and you will probably get your reply.
  6. Just got 84 images keyworded in one day, besides different other tasks. I feel like a hero.
  7. Personal use is OK with me, as long as it is personal use. I have bought a few stockphotos that i really liked for personal use. Oh, it does not make much money, but small sales are also sales. The problem is when somebody buys a pic for pesonal use as the cheepest way to get it out of Alamy without watermark, and then hope to get along with usng it in a calender, as told about in another topic.
  8. While I am new here, I have been into stock photography a little longer elsewhere. Alamy is kind of self service. They inspect the files for technical quality, the rest is up to you. That means that it is you who stands in court if there are some legal issues with a caption. Several competing sites have file inspectors who of course also check the pictures for technical quality, but not least for legal issues. For me it was quite an eyeopener when i joined the competing site as a newbie, and got pitures rejected for legal issues I had never thought about. You may wonder how small details can
  9. Being able to retire my unreliable OM-10 and OM-2 cameras was a blessing. I did not se my own darkroom, but relied on the labs. Some of those labs were real nasty, I had a feeling that they may have kept chicken in one of the labs, judging frm the amount of dirt in the films. Then order prints for a customer in 20 x 30 cm. But they did not fit in the standard envelope, so what does the lab do? They fold them! Or loose the film completely. Gettig rid of the labs was a pleasance too. Miss neither labs nor OM-'s Only now and then I still insert a rollfilm in my nice Rolleiflex, working with that
  10. Good day. My real name is Kim Christensen, im mid 50's from Denmark. I have been into photography ever since I can remember, started to borrow grandpas Kodak Retinette IIa which took me a lot of nice pics. The wish for a SLR resulted on an Olympus OM10 in the mid 1980's. Nice camera when it worked, which it unfortunately refused to quite often. Spare camera housings bought on purpose didnt do any better, until i learned to remove the self timer mechanism from them OM series. Then they worked perfectly. I also did some filming with standard 8 mm on some vintage equipment, the "Double Eight" whe
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