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Hello, guys! / E ae, Galera!


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(EN) I just received the approval of the site ! And I'm here to introduce myself ! My name is Gabriel and I'm from Brasilia , Brazil ! Just introducing myself ! I hope to get good results here and get great tips !


(PT-BR) Acabei de receber a aprovação do site! E estou aqui para me apresentar! Me chamo Gabriel e sou de Brasilia, Brazil! Apenas me apresentando! Espero conseguir bons resultados aqui e conseguir ótimas dicas!

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Hello and welcome.  Sorry you have not received an answer to your post before now. Be assured you will not be ignored when you start posting on the main forums with questions etc.



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Welcome and good luck, Gabriel.


John, Brazilian Portuguese sounds as if the speakers are eating something sweet and tasty.  :)


What's with the red flags for Alessandra? 



I am being punished because I told someone who was moaning about failing a QC, that it was not a big deal.  :unsure:


Then down the conversation I told the person to grow up.  :wacko:


Well, I wish people didn't feel so bad about failing a QC. 



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