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Gd´day from Australia


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Gd´day from Australia,


my name is Chris and I am new to this bunch of people here.

I live in the beautiful Victoria in Australia, more exactly in Melbourne.

I love to go out in the bush do some fishing, photography (obviously), old sailors fancy work with ropes and I have a bit of a passion

for old but good technology like kerosene pressure lamps and stoves.

I came to Australia little more than 3 years ago from Germany.

After 3 years in Australia I could not find a reasonable argument to go back to Germany  :huh: , so I stayed in Oz and followed my heart.


That´s it! OK not completely but enough for now I reckon ;)


Cheers Chris

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"I reckon"? Is that a German expression or an Australian expression? Or is it maybe a mathematical or geographical expression? I've spent time in Germany and Australia, and I would not mind spending some more time in both. Welcome to the Land of Alamy. 

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thank you for your welcome!



I reckon:

It is a casual way of saying, "I think". As in,
"I reckon it might rain later."
"I reckon its going to be a hot summer."
"I reckon its time to throw a shrimp on the barbie." There is a big misunderstanding about the last one! Nobody I know would throw a shrimp on the barbie! It is called "A PRAWN" here. 

There are some things over here like: "Dried like a dead dingos don...!"  (means very thirsty)


Cheers C.

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Welcome Chris, came to Australia myself 20 years ago, now living in the beautiful Barossa Valley outside of Adelaide and have never looked back, I'm new to Alamy also having just joined last month, lets hope we both enjoy the new experience

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