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  1. More disturbing is that this email listed Alamy as sender, one would normally open without a hesitation.
  2. I also got the same message. Thanks I am not the only one, but not a good thing for the forum.
  3. Welcome to Alamy Oscar. Hope to see your first uploads soon, and many more over time.
  4. And yes whereas my elder son is in USA, younger has just shifted to Canada.
  5. Welcome to Alamy Diana If you are submitting to other websites also, you will find your Alamy experience very pleasant. I had my first rejection (only one image failed, but they rejected whole lot as per Alamy policy), after 100 uploads and more 1000 successful images. Just enjoy your Alamy.
  6. Welcome Peter Hope to see your uploads soon.
  7. Welcome to Alamy Chris. Hope you will enjoy Alamy experience.
  8. Gurcharan


    Welcome to Alamy Gladiatr Hope to see more of your photographic talent Loved your images of dog
  9. Gurcharan


    Welcome to Alamy mkarco. Liked your experiments with dentures and strawberries
  10. Don't get me wrong, I want QC to be much more rigorous than it is presently in Alamy, where one failure after 500 or 1000 successful images is considered a negative thing. If the same batch of files gets only 10 % nod in one website and 100 % in the second one, there is nothing to feel good about second one. What I am finding strange about is rejecting the whole lot, and another pending lot in which not a single image is rejected. Why reject lots and not poor quality images only.
  11. 1085 online images in three months of my membership, 99 successful uploads, I had started getting disheartened and wondering whether Alamy does have a QC?. I am now happy it has. I am writing this because I am contributing to two other websites also for last 3-4 years. In one my success rate is only 9 %, which they consider a good rating. The rejected images (rest 90 %) I submit to another website, where my success rate is 90 %, naturally I did not find it very good when my success rate was 100 % for more than 1000 uploaded images, but now that one image was rejected (and with it went down ot
  12. Unusual Track submissions entry Date received QC date 13 April 2016 OL3992277 Online upload 18 -- -- -- Awaiting QC 12 April 2016 OL3946066 Online upload 20 -- -- -- 22 March 2016 Awaiting QC Any explanation please?
  13. I am using Tamron AF 18-200, f 3.5-6.3, macro 62, A14, Aspherical LD XR DiII, with my Canon 550D, that saves me changing normal lens 18-55 with 55-200 or 55-300 for distant objects.I find it handy.
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