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September Competition - Poll


September Challenge Poll   

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  1. 1. My vote for the September challenge is:

    • Olivier Parent EFG6A7 Photosynthesis
    • David Davies EPKJAY Innovation
    • Oneday S0JW3R Security
    • Michael Ventura D2NM9P Speed
    • Marianne B8A93R Eco-Friendly
    • Arterra BRAE5G Global Warming
    • NYCat BCMN3W Unexpected
    • MariaJ DW595H Randomness

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1. Olivier Parent EFG6A7 "Photosynthesis"




2. David Davies EPKJAY  "Innovation"




3. OneDay  S0JW3R  "Security"




4. Michael Ventura  D2NM9P  "Speed"




5. Marianne  B8A93R "Eco-Friendly"





6. Arterra BRAE5G  "Global Warming"




7. NYCat  BCMN3W  "Unexpected"




8. mariaJ  DW595H "Randomness"






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Well - here are the 8 finalists for the September competition - I have to say it was hugely difficult to get the finalists down to 8, and I nearly made a decision to have at least 10, but, like when we submit our images to Alamy in the first place I guess we have to be decisive, so many congratulations to all who entered such thoughtful images, and congratulations to the finalists. Voting closes at midnight at the end of Sunday 4th October UK time - I may or may not be within Wi-Fi area and if not please can the victor announce themselves and start the next challenge?


Thanks again



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I wasn't sure if I was voting for my favorite photo, or the one that best illustrates the concept? I went with the giraffe even though the word "patterns" comes mind instead of "unexpected". I changed my mind three times before casting my vote. It's a three way tie for me this month. I wanted to vote for Simon's adorable sleeping pigs, but it didn't make the cut. Doc, I totally agree with you, this was a hugely difficult competition this month. Congrats to all of the finalists!

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Thank you, Lisa. I was thinking I had "patterns" in my keywords but when I checked I saw that I only had the singular "pattern". I have corrected that. I was thinking about the difference between a description of an image and a "concept" -- which, to me, is more like an idea. I often can't figure out what concept words I might use. I'm sure "patterns" qualifies as a concept as well as being a description.



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And when I see Maria's marbles on the floor I think "danger", "watch where you step", "an accident waiting to happen", "look out", "caution",  for the concepts, but the regular keywords are more like marbles, wood flooring, crevice, laminate, point of view, etc. I definitely get a strong reaction from seeing her photo of marbles like I want to stop in my tracks and freeze. I understand why Kumar chose that one just because it does take your breath away for a split second. Gasp! My foot is frozen in the air. Great photo because it causes the viewer of the photo to feel an immediate response. Yikes, don't step on these. And it has a dreamy soft look like I just woke up and haven't had my coffee yet. It's a great shot. Or if you are in the UK "brilliant".

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Thanks for your comments Lisa!  That's actually a perspective I had not thought much about.  I had initially created that image to capture the concept of "entropy" for another photo challenge.  Now I'll be adding a few more keywords :)

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Well, we have a clear winner, with the concept of photosynthesis, it's congratulations to Olivier Parent, but also thanks and congratulations to all the other finalists!


Over to Olivier for the October challenge please!



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