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Can't login to My Alamy using Chrome

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No Mick, it isn't just you.  I am on Chrome too and I just tried to log in after successfully logging in this morning. The red message kept appearing each time I

re-entered the information.  This happened 4 times and the 5th time I tried because I couldn't believe I was getting it wrong, it worked.  So who knows what

is going on with the log in at present.


I still have to log in every day when I try to click on the bookmark.  Other bookmarks work fine.  Not Alamy's.  I no longer think it is the google problem that

was suggested earlier in the week.




Kathy deWitt

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Chrome isn't working for me either. I even changed my password to make sure that I used the correct one to log in, but it still doesn't work on Chrome. Works fine on IE, though. When I try to log in using Chrome I can see the My Alamy menu in the top right corner, but when I open the menu and select My Alamy from there, I'm taken back to the login screen instead of my Dashboard.

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