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Online Image & Data Storage

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A topic that come up every now and then, the ability to store images, and other data, off site 'in the cloud' is something I have considered and looked at in the past; but it look, to me, expensive.


So very happy when I find that Amazon now offer a great package, unlimited image storage,  for less than $12 per year with Amazon Cloud Drive., you even get 5GB of none-image storage in the package!


Your thoughts?

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I paid for a year of Amazon Prime after a 30 day free trial in order to continue access to videos, music, free shipping. Just after I did they announced the free photo storage (w/membership). At $99/yr (8.25/mo) for those 4 benefits it's not expensive. The two teenagers in the house download lots of music, and we all watch videos and buy stuff that (sometimes) has free shipping. As a trial of Prime Photos I'm uploading the photos off my mobile devices to free up space on them. The upload process works well and I can view and download images at will on any device. To manage your photos I think you have to use a computer rather than mobile devices, not a burden to me. I use a PhotoShelter account for my business, but I do find Prime Photos easy to use.

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I just spent a week uploading my digital archive to Amazon Cloud Drive. Once that was done I uploaded new photos I'd shot while my computer was uploading. I had three errors and it told me which files failed to upload so I was able to dig through my files and upload them again. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't update automatically but services that offer this feature charge at least 5 times as much as Amazon.


The desktop app is pretty bare bones. It would be helpful if there was a Lightroom plug-in or some other third party software to make updating easier.


Amazon also offers mobil apps to back-up and manage photos from your iPhone or iPad. Sorry I can't comment on this since I haven't tried this yet.


 Amazon offers several varities of Cloud Drive. The $11.99/year Unlimited Photos can be found at https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/home/ref=cd_lg_sn_in



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I use the mobile app on an iphone and an ipad. It facilitates uploading, viewing, sharing, downloading and deleting just fine, but little else. There is an Auto-Save option to "Automatically save the Camera Roll to your Cloud Drive". The desktop app is about the same but allows you to create albums, move photos into them and rename photos.

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