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Thanks everyone - I'll feed back when the stats are calculated. Not hard to see if it's had an effect. Seeing if I have more than my average of zero zooms is not that tough, not that I am complaining given my minuscule portfolio - happy that I've had any sales at all so far.

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Take it as a pat on the back. I had a shot of Mr Geldof on the front page last year and a few used when they had the mosaic. Very flattering and an indication that they like your photos... but dont bet your mortgage on the potential income. It didn;t make the first syllable of my name into an adjective.


What "funky"? I think that you may be mistaken there!


I'm realistic about this - I don't have many photographs on here and they're all black and white, so I am managing my financial expectations in line with my portfolio (i.e. any sale, however infrequent, is a success)! I was pleased to see my photograph on the front page - after all, they have 50 million odd to choose from.

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I once got on the Alamy app and I thought "YES!" this is going to sell. Ermmm nope it didn't. Not even zoomed lol. In fact it still doesn't get bothered with. I should probably delete it like the ball and chain that it is. 

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