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Changing RM to RF

John Mitchell

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I'm not sure if this has already been suggested, but having the ability to change on-sale RM images to RF in "Manage Your Images" would be very useful for those of us who have a lot of images that we would like to convert to RF. The current method of deleting, waiting for ages for deletion to be completed, and then having to re-submit is very slow. This option would of course only apply to images that don't need releases and for which no sale negotiations are in the works.


P.S. I guess it goes without saying that this would be a one-time thing -- i.e. once an RM license has been changed to RF, it wouldn't be able to go back and forth between the two types.

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I second it. I have so many on here that I would love to change to RF simply as they will never sell as an RM image, too many Rf's available. And of course if I want to sell them elsewhere, I have to stick to RM everywhere I go.


For future uploads, I am certainly going to do a lot more RF images than I have now. Thought it gave me more control, but in today's online world, I really think only the editorial type images should stick to RM and the rest should go RF (images without need of releases or have releases).



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I think Member Services will change the licence on request if there has been no customer activity around the images, have done so before...


But you were probably looking for an easier way...


Thanks, I was wondering about that. I'll give it a try.


Yes, I was thinking of a way in which we could change batches of images from RM to RF. Perhaps the logistics would be more complicated than I thought (?).

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John, did you ever ask if you could change some RM to RF? If so, how did that turn out for you? 


I'm looking to change some of my RM to RF too. Hope I can get them to do that for me. 



As far as i know as long you didnt make a sale of your RM you can contact Alamy by mail and they could do it for you. Try it out.



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