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  1. Find comfort in them? I sure do too. In fact, after a hard day, I typically fall asleep watching Leave it to Beaver on my laptop : )
  2. I'm with you in regard to Alamy employees. It seems that there will be some overlap of job positions and I always feel bad when mergers leave some employees without jobs. I've never had anything but pleasant experiences with CR employees, so I wish them the best. I also am hoping the best for contributors.
  3. For me, January was awesome with 3 sales and 1 during the first week of February. Since then, maybe 4 zooms and no sales. Last year, I didn't sell my first image until April. I was so excited the first month or so of 2017. Been tempted to give up since then, but won't do it. Must have been a freak of nature with those early sales, a couple good $ sales too.
  4. I haven't uploaded the archival route since the update. I always forget the minimum size (when opened in PS) for archival images. I remember it seemed quite low, but can't remember the exact minimum size. Before, when I would click upload, a message would appear at the top of the upload page stating the minumum size, but no longer does that appear. All that to ask, what is the minimum file size for archival images? Thanks, Brian
  5. Thanks Bryan, Phil and Geoff for helping identify that sale.
  6. 3 for 48.50 gross. But two of those were only because of a news event here in Dallas. However, they were stock sales, after the fact, not news sales. But I was especially wondering about this sale. Anyone know what this could be? Had any similar sales? Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 01 July 2016 End: 01 July 2021 One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within web versions of titles from the same group. Digital usage includes archive rig
  7. I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed this Didn't know about the bank holiday. Thanks for the heads up John and Geoff.
  8. If you want to really see where your images on Google rank, log out of Google and then do a search. You will probably get different results.
  9. I've started posting more on Google Plus, but you're right, it seems like G+ is going away or is irrelevant as I don't know how to even attract followers or get people to see my images.
  10. Getting ready to apply for archival access in a couple weeks. Thanks for this very helpful thread. I'm assuming that everything is the same as a typical upload except that QC isn't as strict, is that correct? Just double checking since this thread is a couple years old.
  11. Thanks Kay. Glad to see it. Didn't think it was that unclear when I uploaded it. Had a couple others of him that were clear. My mistake. Sure thing Mark. Hope it's at least enough to buy a Venti Passion Tea at Starbucks
  12. Thanks fD, I'm not expecting to see the photos published in the US. I see the Daily Mirror and other UK newspapers publish a lot about tragedies like the one in Dallas. And yes, you're right about uploading early bit. And thanks funkyworm. I'll check that out. Brian
  13. I just searched the July images found thread and unfortunately didn't see any of mine. The images I subbed were news images from the aftermath of the Dallas police killings. They were in the news feed for two days and then I subbed some more last night. So if they will ever be sold and published, I figured that would be happening immediately. There were about four or five photographers who subbed images from the events that took place here. So I'm wondering has anyone seen any Alamy images from Dallas in any UK papers or via their online versions? Or is it just too early to know? I've searched
  14. Hi Rob, But I was wondering (not that you were reply to me ) about when you first gained access to submit via the archive route, how did you get approved, did you show a sample of your images on your website, if so, how many images did they need to see before approving you? I would love to know how you were approved. Thanks, Brian
  15. When applying for archival access, how many photos does Alamy want to see as a sample and do they want you to upload a minimum amount of images via this route? I have some black and white images I took at Texas ranches back in the 20th century (well,1999) and need to have them scanned and would like to upload them as archival images. I just want to know what the minimum Alamy may require as a sample for them to approve archival upload privelages. I don't want to scan them all and then possibly get turned down for archival access. I'd prefer to scan a smaller amount to first show Alamy.
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