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updating keywording

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Good morning all,


Each day I check my stats etc for sales, views, zooms.


Then I check "All of Alamy" to see what was being looked for the previous day.


There is always-ish a subject matter that I have on file with Alamy but without that particular keyword etc.


So I edit the particular picture(s) and add that keyword.


This I KNOW is "closing the gate after the horse has bolted"...but I still do it.


I just wonder do picture researchers ever come back to double check (and then my picture may stand a chance)

or "Has that boat sailed".


Any experiences or words of wisdom?


Do we all do that same??


Someone will probably say "get the keywording right the first time"....but you

think you have and you get caught out by that ONE word!!


Best regards





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Isn't that very easy to check? Look at AoA next week / next month and see if there has been more searches for it. If it's not the same researcher, you still picked up a trend. Now you have to check it against your Pseudonym Summary as well to see if they actually have seen your image. And if the zooms have maybe gone elsewhere. If that has been the case, check on what page you are and if the keyword is actually appropriate. And what the quality of the other images is.

Use %keyword% in AoA to find all combinations.



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I often adjust keywords based on searches either in MyAlamy or AoA.  Sometimes you see repeat searches that are so similar with familiar patterns over quite a long period of time, that can wind up with a sale.  So, yes, I would say that it's definitely worthwhile.  Even if a sale does not result (as will most often be the case, of course), it can draw your attention to other images that you have on file which might have benefited (or will come to benefit) from having (a) certain keyword/s added (or removed).


Just a shame that so much work is involved for so little return! :(

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Yes, it works the other way too as I frequently delete a word that is throwing up unwanted inclusion in a common search.


I always do that as well. And adding a relevant keyword later prepares you for the next searcher using that keyword. 



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