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April Challenge - Abstract/Minimalism - Time to Vote

Time to Vote  

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  1. 1. Vote on your pick of April challenge

    • John Morrison - lone dog on beach
    • Paulette - Dunes, Namibia
    • Kumar - traffic lights
    • Phil Robinson - Barcelona
    • Russell Watkins - Broom
    • GS Images - match
    • John Mitchell - cubist stairs
    • Terry - car park, Sheffield
    • York Photographer - Circles
    • Colin Wood - yellow watering cans

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This challenge was far more difficult than I had anticipated!  Not only the choice of excellent work but my 9 kilo cat, Teddie, who insists on sitting just in front of my computer touch screen, decided to turn around and swiped my screen with his tail and deleted the post just as I was about to finish....ahhhhhhh.  You might have heard the expletives from 12,000 miles away! Anyway, here is my pick of the many great entries.  I have tried to make them as varied as possible.   The vote closes on 7 May 2014. 



John Morrison - lone dog on beach




Paulette - Dunes in Namibia





Kumar - traffic lights




Phil Robinson - Barcelona




Russell Watkins - Broom




GS Images - A match just after lighting




John Mitchell - cubist stairs




Terry - car park, Sheffield




York Photographer - Circles




Colin Woods - yellow watering cans


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Wow. I really didn't expect to be competitive in this one. So many great photos. Thanks, Sheila. I also have a very ROUND cat who understands that he can get my attention if he interferes with my computer.



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Oh, Sheila... such respect for you that you still have cat and also put up poll so quickly after The Tail Incident.


Would have liked to vote for 3, especially since, as you mentioned, there's quite a variety.


- Ann and the Singapura furball between her face and iPhone

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Contest is now over (as its the 8th here in Sydney!) and congratulations to Russell for his entry of Broom, followed closely by Kumar.  Over to you Russell for the May Challenge.




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