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How to show an Alamy image in a Forum Thread

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I have just been typing a response to a thread about the RX10.


I wanted to include one of my Alamy images, and did the following:


(1)   Opened the image as if I were a customer.


(2)  Clicked "Download Preview Image"


(3)   Saved the dowloaded jpg.


(4)   Opened in Photoshop and downsized.


(5)   In PS, I did "Select all" and copied the *.jpg image


(6)   Pasted it into the text in the thread reply box.


I then attempted to post the reply,  but got a blue box telling me that the forum did not accept images with this extension (I paraphrase as I did not note the exact text).


Surprised that (if this is what it means) that it does not accept jpg.  


Appreciate advice how to do this please......

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As confirmed by others, Facebook happily accepts JPG images. I can upload full, untouched D90 ones with no problem. There used to be an option to load smaller size if required, don't know if that is still there. From experience FB chokes when I've accidentally selected NEF images. It can't handle 'em.



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I open the required image to Desktop as if a customer.


Ensure the forum location is open where I wish to place image.


Simply left click and hold on image on Desktop and drag to location on forum.


Image appears on forum as if by magic.




BTW the downloaded image remains on Desktop so delete it if you do not wish to use it again.

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