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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs March 2014

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10/03/2014, UK, Guardian, p3, Newry, BRM1JN, Chris Hill [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
10/03/2014, UK, Guardian, p3, Derry, CX3RDD, Ros Kavanagh/VIEW [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/03/2014, UK, Guardian, p3, Truro, BCN4MH, Alistair and Jan Campbell UKCI [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/03/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p12, nurse on 'phone, D464DT, Stockbroker [Alamy credit only]
10/03/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p13, frustrated businessman, D5513J, ImageDB [Alamy credit only]

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Mail Online 10th


BMNFGR  Pictures Colour Library  Cambridgeshire, Ely

C3DTJ4  liv friis-larsen   bruschetta

DHJAMF Kevin Britland  The White Company store

AT6FAC david martyn hughes   england midlands oxfordshire bicester village shopping centre

A3CD58   Jon Bower   Houses of Parliament London 1

BKFA20 david pearson   UK Border control checking passports at Heathrow airport in Britain

BTHWH6  Hermien Lam  Children playground

CTJ7HN  Colin Underhill  Gotham village sign, Nottinghamshire, UK

CTJ82N   Colin Underhill  The Pump, Gotham, Nottinghamshire, UK

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10 MAR 2014


A leopard cory uses its barbels to detect prey. 

Photograph by Juniors Bildarchiv, GmbH/Alamy





7 MAR 2014


Ireland County Mayo Achill Island Atlantic Drive stone cottage on coast near Keel

Photograph by Kevin Galvin, Alamy



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DK Adventures: Twister!

Penguin Group

May 1, 2014 (Pre-order on Amazon)

(warning: these are very hard to read in blurry preview mode, so they may be misspelled below)



p. 7 Lightworks Media

p. 8 Ian Cartwright Travel

p. 12 incamerastock

p. 14 Roger Coulam

p. 17 RGB Ventures

p. 20 Hugh Threlfall

p. 24 Ryan McGinnis

p. 29 December Blvd Photography

p. 39 David Mabe

p. 43 JohanH

p. 43 Tatatiana Movozova

p. 50-51 Stocktrek Images

p. 59 Ryan McGinnis

p. 61 Roger Coulum

p. 63 Ivan Montero

p. 65 Mark McGinnis

p. 71 Dennis McDonald

p. 75 Jana Thompson

p. 77 Roger Coulam

p. 78 Terry Smith Images

p. 80-81 Craig Ruttle

p. 82 Patrick Sahar

p. 90 A.T. Willett

p. 96-97 Woodystock

p. 105 Fanck Fotos

p. 108 AF archive

p. 111 Stocktrek Images Inc.

Back Cover: Woodystock

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11/03/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p2, girl eating ice cream, A19BE6, Andrew Bargery [Cropped. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
11/03/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p8, Stepan Bandera statue in Ukraine, BPDNH8, TAR-TASS [Alamy credit only]
11/03/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p20, picture of Hazel O'Connor in Breaking Glass credited to Alamy - can't find the right one.

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i [uK] 11 March, page 10


B1C8DT Worried looking pregnant woman drinking wine Chris Rout


The Independent [uK] 11 March, pages 30-31


C0BP5X People walking in First World War trenches preserved at Vimy Ridge National Historic Site of Canada France Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography


i [uK] 11 March, page 30

The Independent [uK] 11 March, pages 30-31


B12E89 People leaving Canadian national Historic memorial at Vimy Ridge. Alan Orr


The Independent [uK] 11 March, page 31


DAWX0G A hungry fox hunts for a duck swimming in a forest pond in Allenbach, Germany, 21 May 2006. Walter Tilgner / dpa picture alliance archive


i [uK] 11 March, page 32

The Independent [uK] 11 March, page 34


BCKTX0 Man using cell phone, seen through window Patrick Mac Sean / PhotoAlto


i [uK] 11 March, page 41


C4A8W5 Aerial view of Downtown Tel Aviv Duby Tal / Albatross


The Washington Post [uSA] 11 March, page E1


D6BP94 cushion, pillows Classic Collection / Shotshop GmbH


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The Daily Telegraph [uK] 11 March, Business page B5


D7YJF5 Famed skyline of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak Sean Pavone


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 11 March,  page 23 


CF2MD7 A person brushing his teeth Lasse Kristensen


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 11 March, page 23 


C3KA1Y Germany, Bavaria, Girl using piano and making music Claudia Rehm / Westend61 GmbH


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 11 March, page 23 


AGGKT2 Marshmallows in a bowl Hugh Threlfall


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 11 March, Kultur page 1 


C2P99D Moose crosshair lantapix


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 11 March, Kultur page 17




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BBC News Website  Death of Bob Crow  11 March 2014   DAHA16     Islandstock


Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT Union, one of the guest speakers at the Durham Miners Gala, 2013





BBC News Website  Death of Bob Crow  11 March 2014        AAK22D   Molly Cooper


RMT leader Bob Crow at lobby of parliament calling for railways to be renationalised London 20 July 2004


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Mail Online 11th

D6K8K7 Richard Cummins Cumberland River and Nashville skyline, Tennessee, United States of America, North America

BGJWD5 Peter D Noyce people entering open Co op for supplies on snowy day. Major snow fall A3 area of hampshire january 2010

CC4G7R Grimsby Town Scene  Grimsby town Crown and County Court building outside facade, entrance

CPR62X  eye35  manchester crown court crown square Spinningfields Greater Manchester England UK GB EU Europe

D4M0J8  A.P.S. (UK)  aerial view of Bolton Wanderers FC Reebok Stadium 2013

BX142B  Doug Houghton   St Andrews University ST ANDREWS FIFE Students relaxing Lower and upper college halls quandrangle

B55WKD  Simon Price  'A' Hall in Craiginches prison in Aberdeen city, Scotland, UK

ACT76W  WHITEBOX MEDIA   Young Woman Using Mobile Phones Model Released

D2T3NB  STANCA SANDA  Enjoy widescreen Skype video calls from the confort of your livingroom! Skype is app for your Samsung Smart TV.

DED6JR  Washington Imaging  Newcastle crown courts north east england, England, UK

AYE7TG  IE270 Couple outside new home 

D36JX8  travelbild.com  View over the medieval Skyline of the university city Oxford England.

CXBDMT  Mark Sunderland  York Minster from the City Walls, York, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

C43TMF Stocksnapper  Old rope with hangman's noose.

C0754G  Greg Balfour Evans  New Zealand flag, The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Cable Street, Wellington, Wellington Region, New Zealand


B3FAG3  Stockbroker Mother massaging baby

BB2B18  Thomas Imo  Audimax mit Studenten an der Technischen Universitaet in Ilmenau Deutschland Students at lecture hall at Technical University of

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11/03/2014, UK, London Evening Standard, p46, businessman standing in regular group, CY8XC1, Milena Boniek [Alamy credit only]
11/03/2014, UK, London Evening Standard, p55, illustration of brain, D486HY, Allan Swart [Alamy credit only]

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USA Wall Street Journal (online) in print Nov 5th 2013


I was searching for one of mine and found another.


Miniaturk, Istanbul, Turkey, AY4GTG Felix Stensson




NYC Panorama at the Queens Museum, Queens, NY CN812C Michael Ventura





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100 Inventions That Made History

DK Publishing

January 6, 2014



Front Cover:

Bertha Benz

GL Archive




p. 22 Comstock Images

p. 23 Mark Bourdillon

p. 26 Hilary Morgan

p. 35 Interfoto

p. 38 Everett Collection Historical

p. 53 Pictorial Press Ltd

p. 65 Encyclopedia Britannica/Universal Images

p. 66 Pictorial Press Ltd

p. 80 Zev Radovan/www.BiblelandPictures.com

p. 83 Chris Pancewicz

p. 89 Karen Kasmauski/RBG Ventures

p. 95 Maurice Savage

p. 96 Goimages

p. 99 Archives du 7eme Art/Photos12

p. 107 Pictorial Press Ltd

p. 109 PF (bygone1)

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An Introduction to Heritage Breeds

The Livestock Conservancy

May 6, 2014


p. 8 Caro



p. 13 Beth Hall



p. 13 Tim Hill



p. 17 Alex Bramwell



p. 89 Food and Drinks Photos


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Guardian Online, March 12
Charity shop, BJ1M68, Clynt Garnham/Alamy
Tapas restaurant, Madrid, BK7X81, PjrTravel (Alamy credit only)
Ruined engine house on Caradon Hill near Minions, Bodmin Moor, CF6ERA, Paul Lightfoot/Alamy
Red telephone, AC3XG2, Pick and Mix Images/Alamy

Halal butchers, B5YKHW, Gregory Wrona/Alamy

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i [uK] 12 March, pages 30-31

The Independent [uK] 12 March, pages 40-41


CPE5MW Sunset over the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe Lizzie Shepherd / Robert Harding World Imagery


i [uK] 12 March, page 30

The Independent [uK] 12 March, page 40


DTN699 Lunch at the center Ljubljana, Slovenia Constantino Leite


i [uK] 12 March, page 31


A9HRTP Restaurant Gostilna Sestica, Ljubljana, Slovenia Barbara Boensch
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