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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs March 2014

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The Rough Guide to Berlin published March 2014. 


Individual images are not credited but the credits list at the back has Alamy images listed by:

Bon Appetit

Brian Harris


Eden Breitz

Iain Masterton



JL Images

Juergen Henkelmann

Julie Woodhouse

Peter Stroh

Right Perspective Images


VPC Travelphoto


See http://books.google.de/books?id=WCvQAgAAQBAJ&pg=PT454&lpg=PT454&dq=alamy+berlin&source=bl&ots=Q0JPygBJg0&sig=Wetij-ymJlFJpYuayOmLw5464Wg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=T_kWU-62HoPRtAbmxIHYCQ&ved=0CFEQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=alamy%20berlin&f=false

Thanks for reporting this, Callie…always interesting to hear where the book images have been placed!



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Guardian Online, March 6
Glenelg beach, Adelaide, A1K67T, David Wall (Alamy credit only)
Scaffolding, CBNR07, redbrickstock.com/Alamy

Silhouette of man, BNBP6D, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Alamy
Collage of logos, CEXBCB, Anatolii Babii/Alamy

Man using phone, D5T9ET, Michael Melia/Alamy
Cambridge University, CMP9N2, Geogphotos/Alamy

Ocado delivery van, BYD0RN, Justin Kase ztwoz (Alamy credit only)

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Guardian Online, March 6
Transparent head full of pills, B97C1F, Insadco/Alamy
Girl using laptop, B84JJX, David J Green/Alamy

Nurse & elderly patient, A4J0XR, Gareth Byrne, (Alamy credit only)

Girl & laptop, in silhouette, B7T9T1, Michael Halberstadt (Alamy credit only)
Milan Stock Exchange, AEMXN9, Rainer Unkel/Alamy

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The Guardian Weekly [uK] 7 March, page 33


BE32AX The most important part of an Ethiopian meal is the Injerra, a sort of pancake made of "Teff". The injerra is eaten with hands. Ton Koene / Horizons WWP


The Guardian Weekly [uK] 7 March, pages 36-37


DB439F view of a high-speed train crossing a viaduct in El Burgo de Ebro, Saragossa, Aragon, Spain. AVE Madrid Barcelona Pedro Antonio Salaverría Calahorra


The Guardian Weekly [uK] 7 March, page 44


BCNJJB Fanny hands lane a funny street sign in ludford lincolnshire betty finney



Daily Express [uK] 6 March, page 37


DFGXT5 Doctor injecting botox into woman's face Ted Smith / caia image


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06/03/2014, Guardian G2, p5, Ocado delivery van, BYD0RN, Justin Kase ztwoz [Alamy credit only]
06/03/2014, Guardian G2, p10, stacked cheese, A0GKB6, Tetra Images [Alamy credit only]
06/03/2014, Guardian G2, p11, fruit juices, C3JWD7, Roman Märzinger [Alamy credit only]
06/03/2014, Guardian G2, p11, steak, AJ4BN7, Sue Wilson [Alamy credit only]

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Express 2 March 2014




Sorry can't find the picture of the doctors





A2BJ7P Surgeons and support staff in operating theater during a kidney transplant operation Frances Roberts



Thanks Sprocket, I'm not feeling well today and the scrolling through the pages of photos was making me worse! Glad you spotted it.



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Guardian Online, March 6
Sad woman by window, BJFMWA, Jeffrey Blackler (Alamy credit only)
House roofs, crop of A50MC2, Jack Sullivan/Alamy

Men in library, CPD02G, keith morris/Alamy
Humber Bridge, AT14EN, Christopher Bailey/Alamy

Flight attendant on plane, B8763K, Tom King/Alamy

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03/14 Issue, RICS Modus magazine, p28, Penhale army camp in Cornwall, AG5PM5, Mike Greenslade [Alamy credit only]
03/14 Issue, RICS Modus magazine, p33, Liverpool One development, B5RBF6, Archimage [Edited. Alamy credit only]

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The Daily Telegraph [uK] 6 March, page 29


DT39YD The Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London, England, United Kingdom. Simon Belcher


The Daily Telegraph [uK] 6 March, Business page B2


DGB5TN Gaming machines in Paddy Power Betting office. England, UK Islandstock



Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 6 March, page 2


AN39D7 Picketting miners taunt scab as he goes into work during miners strike 1984 Brenkley Colliery Northumberland UK Stan Gamester / Photofusion Picture Library


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 6 March, page 2


D214CG Miners leader Arthur Scargill addressing striking coal miners outside Sheffield City Hall in 1984 Trevor Smith


Dagens Nyheter [sweden] 6 March, Kultur pages 6-7


DGY3RN Stop Watching Us: Rally against NSA mass surveillance. ©Ann Little


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Guardian Online, March 6
Writing with fountain pen, BX03F4, Erhan Dayi/Alamy
Man with fox mask, woman with rabbit mask, crop of ARTTM2, IS344, Image Source (Alamy credit only)

Barbie dolls in toy shop, DEAKWC, Valentino Visentini (Alamy credit only)

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Mail Online 6th

A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK
D2DCAB graham bell wills memorial tower of bristol university park street bristol england
DAHNPK Alan Curtis Leeds University Parkinson Building. Yorkshire UK
CR01GN eye35 University of Sheffield Firth Court administration Department for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology South Yorkshire England GB
AHYA1D Chris Andrews University College Oxford Front Quad
ADP30N Pictorial Press BENNY HILL - UK comedian who had a hit pop record in 1971 with Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West
BBHDF9 Boris Karpinski Outdoor cafe area in Bordeaux France
D83GCF Oleksiy Maksymenko Pregnant young woman in a sporty outfit isolated on white background
B0T8JK Johnny Greig House for sale signs London
CPDA2B JoeFox The Clyde Auditorium at the scottish exhibition and conference centre secc Glasgow Scotland UK
CPT142 eye35 nottingham crown court city centre Nottinghamshire England UK GB EU Europe
BE4EY5 TomBham Birmingham, Crown Court. 2009

AG1B03  Jeff Morgan 16  Serving school dinners freshly made with locally sourced produce at a Gloucestershire school

B6HTJJ  Peter Erik Forsberg  Halal butcher shop at Shepherds Bush market in West London England UK

BPY8EN Maurice Savage The main entrance to the Fenwick Department store, New Bond Street, Londo, UK.

AK7TFA Jose Luis Pelaez Inc Male doctor writing a prescription

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C6DXP1Turkey, Istanbul, Blue Mosque

AEAW4Y Istanbul Turkey Grand Bazaar Spice Stall

BXP9FM Bosphorus Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge and Bosphorous Istanbul, Turkey

DHJ45W ISTANBUL, TURKEY. An evening view along the shopping thoroughfare of Istiklal Caddesi in the Beyoglu district of the city.

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Book: Where The Locals Go by National Geographic

Published on February 4, 2014

(Very hard to read in preview on Amazon, so sorry for any errors)


p.15 Ron Niebrugge

p. 37 MAC Photo

p. 51 Dorothy Alexander

p. 59 Travelstock44

p. 66 Paul Springett B

p. 87 World Pictures

p. 88 Sinibomb Images

p. 90 Bjarki Reyr

p. 94 Jon Sparks

p. 99 Johner Images

p.105 ITAR-TASS Photo Agency

p. 135 David Noton Photography

p. 141 Paul Salmon

p. 143 Philip Scalia

p. 149 chrisstockphotography

p. 151 David South

p. 155 Ingolf Pompe 72

p. 159 ????160L/Alamy Celebrity

p. 170 Visual Japan

p. 182 LMR Group

p. 185 Jon Arnold Images LTD

p. 187 Ball Miwako

p. 189 Boris Karpinski

p. 195 Gregory Wrona

p. 196 Foto24/Gallo Images

p. 211 Elan Fleisher/LOOK Die Bildgentur de Fotograssen GmbH

p. 214 Gulf Images

p. 219 Images & Stories

p. 220 Cris Haigh

p. 234 Hornbil Images

p. 241 Caro

p. 242 Best View Stock

p. 246 Macau Stock

p. 247 John Hershall

p. 248 Marc Dorier/hemis.fr

p. 257 Alex Segre

p. 261 Ruby

p. 265 Paul Kingsley

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National Geographic Walking Barcelona

Published on March 4, 2014

Paperback on Amazon


p. 14 Ulrich Schade

p. 14 David Angel

p. 16 David Noton

p. 30 Travelstock44

p. 47 Bjanka Kadic

p. 60 Peter Phipp/Travelshots.com

p. 62 Mikko Mattila Travel, Spain

p. 101 Glyn Thomas

p. 125 Peter Scholey

p. 129 Jordi Cami

p. 143 Gregory Wrona

p. 144 LOOK Die Bildegentur der Fotografen GmbH

p. 151 LOOK Die Bildegentur der Fotografen GmbH

p. 157 Prisma Bildagentur AG

p. 164 Travel Division Images

p. 174-175 David Kilpatrick :)

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Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective

by Gary Ferraro and Susan Andreatta (Jan 1, 2014)

For sale at Amazon


Page viii …Corbis Heiner Heinefimagebroker/Alamy Copyright 2…


Page xi …210 Online Study Resources 210 Keren Su/China Span/Alamy …


Page 28 …art, morals, law, Miva Stock/DanitaDelimont/Alamy…


Page 35 …on punctuality, schedules, and deadlines. © PhotoAlto/Alamy obse…


Page 51 ... Heiner Heine/imagebroker/Alamy Applied Anthropology Wh…


Page 53 ... Stephen Dorey ABIPP/Alamy FIGURE 3.1 Medical anthropologists ca…


Page 55 …and ethnographic or theoretical anthropology Neil McAllister/Alamy FI…


Page 68 ... Horizons WWP/Alamy Educational Anthropology Educational…

Page 75 …evolutionary stages. North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy simpler (…


Page 91 …such topics, we should engage in traditional Keith Dannemiller/Alamy …


Page 112 …rights restrictio ns require it. © images of Africa Photobank/Alamy ...


Page 113 ... Jeff Greenberg/Alamy Collecting Genealogies … :)


Page 114 …understanding of a culture. © Jenny Matthews/Alamy kinship…


Page 131 …to an abrupt halt by a smartphone. Bert Hoferichter/Alamy Maasa…


Page 138 …that people are virtual prisoners of their Frances Roberts/Alamy F…


Page 144 …cultures, an enormous range Myrieen Pearson/Alamy FIGURE 6…


Page 146 …with others and not speak with one another. Simon Dack/Alamy m…


Page 151 ... Keren Su/China Span/Alamy Patterns Subsistence East …


Page 154 …Derek Furlong/Robert Harding Picture Library Ltd/Alamy…

Page 164 …off their boats and not paying middlemen. Stockshoot/Alamy and rui…


Page 166 …in central Mexico cultivated squash, chilis, and a nal/Alamy .


Page 169 ... © Jacques Jangous/Alamy © Cengage Learning FIGURE 7.11 An …


Page 171 …Gina Corrigan/Robert Harding Picture Library Ltd/Alamy…


Page 187 …longer among the Andean farmers. Suzanne Porter/Alamy T…


Page 189 ... The closest Swahili Arco Images GmbH/Alamy FIGURE 8.


Page 194 …Mukoya/Reuters/Corbis Rob Crandall/SCPhotos/Alamy…


Page 203 ... Tsuneo Nakamura Nolvox Inc/Alamy For example, …


Page 205 …Media Partners Limited — impact Photos/Alamy FIGURE 8. ...


Page 214 …Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Roger Bamber/Alamy FI…


Page 220 …perhaps the best example is Hindu India. Pep Reig/Alamy …


Page 225 …couple will one day marry to one another. redsnapper/Alamy was n… :)


Page 234 …of the family. Christopher Black/Everett Collection Inc/Alamy FI…


Page 267 …raped by a Hutu man carrying the virus. Penny Tweedie/Alamy …


Page 273 ... Richard Levine/Alamy Copyright 2013 Cengage Lea ing. Al…




Page 302 …engage in only the lowest status jobs. Tim Gainey/Alamy Limited …


Page 303 …public memorial park in Berlin, Germany. David Saunders/Alamy …


Page 329 Washington Post/Getty images © Dennis McDonald/Alamy …


Page 354 ... Keith Dannemiller/Alamy FIGURE 14. 4 Piaroa Indian sha…

Page 358 Marcia Chambers/dbimages/Alamy Although e…


Page 372 …art both glorifies and serves the interests of the Frank Tozier/Alamy…


Page 437 …page 31: © Gerrit de Heus/Alamy; page 32: © Da…


Page 438 ... com; page 361: © Marmaduke St. John/Alamy; page 362:…

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Times 7th


P39 DWE115 US Marines Photo  The US Marine Corps Blue Angels C-130 Hercules aircraft, affectionately known as Fat Albert, flies over the Silent Drill Platoon during air show rehearsal March 4, 2014 at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona.


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