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On 17th October 2013 I had the following licence bought



Textbook - print and e book

Unlimited Print run

Inside Placement

2 page spread

1/1/2014 - 1/1/2039

All terms and rights granted as per the Alamy preferred vendor agreement dated 26/1/2010 prevail

Flat rate per image



Now by that licence it suggests that the company who bought it gets discounts by the terms and rights statement

However it still has not been paid for even though the licence date has now commenced.

I have contacted alamy regarding this and they stated the normal cut and paste reply of be assured our credit team are chasing payment.


Now I am not a multinational company selling all over the world but for sure I would not be still offering discounts to someone who does not pay on time but I suggest that they still are. Its not like the Brazilian distributor who have gone belly up and I am sure I would have been told as such.

Whilst I appreciate member services and what they do,  I do get frustrated at cut and paste replies and even more frustrated at clients who do not pay even when they get discounts.


Out of interest (as its flat rate) is anyone else suffering from the same non payment of $180 fees with similar licence




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I have one here,  the usage dose not start before 1.April,  therefore i will not know if there will be a problem with the payment till end of April-May,  however i will keep an eye on it.







Country: Worldwide
Usage: Editorial
Media: Textbook - print and e-book
Print run: Unlimited
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 2 page spread
Start: 01 April 2014
End: 01 April 2039
All terms and rights granted as per the Alamy Preferred Vendor Agreement dated 26th January 2010 prevail. Flat rate per image, license period 20 years

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180$ is usually a US college text book sale and there is a very big-un in the states currently in administration. The administrators keep sending me communications, but in fact they don't owe me anything, so it all goes straight in the bin


oh, and don't pay any attention to the 2 page sizing, it'll be a flat rate for any size

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Kevin, sorry, no I have no similar experience.


I must be very fortunate as all bar two sales on 29th 30th Jan this year have cleared and been paid.




I think you are!  All of my (very limited number of) sales have taken a minimum of 45 days to clear.


I have one for less $$$ that actually has a start date of August 2013 but sale was Nov 28 and it hasn't cleared. Do textbooks usually take a long time? 




Haven't had any text book sales here yet (all magazines, Websites and a promotional campaign), but elsewhere, they have taken many months to move from a lightbox to an actual sale.

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