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Monchrome Images

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Hi all,

I always wanted a Hasselblad 500cm film camera from the 70's. Finally got one off eBay with two lenses. My question is:

How are monochrome images viewed by Alamy Quality Control

Is there a market for monochrome

I purchased the camera purely for artistic reasons, as I do my own processing and scanning and exhibition prints.

As the images are completed and look wonderful, I was considering uploading, maybe I should have contacted Alamy but prefer your artistic, technical opinions as contributors.



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Tony, as with almost every other subject raised here, there are differences of opinion. However, as some have reported decent sales of monochrome images, it is safe to say yes, they do sell.


As for QC, as long as they meet the guidelines Alamy require, they're fine.



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I've not had any problem with QC using medium format monochrome. I always take great care to clean up the photos, digital is so easy in comparison!


WRT sales, I have not sold any arty B&W stuff, but I have made some B&W film based sales to a niche market through Alamy. Suck it and see, it doesn't hurt to try a new idea, particularly if you enjoy the work.

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