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    I am retired now and work mainly with oils, and acrylics on canvas. But love the idea of mixing giclee and paint on canvas. After all... its all ink on paper...


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  1. I sold an art print to a museum gallery 12 inches x 20 inches 360 dpi black and white print from an Epson 4880 Advanced Black and White driver on canvas and gallery wrapped. They paid $2500!! what camera? Not my Hasselblad, not my Nikon D810 but the Sony RX-100. Shot in RAW. Converted in Photoshop CC to monochrome. Using the Adobe Camera Raw grayscale conversion. Bits of grain added in REAL GRAIN program to match a Tri-x 400 (they love that film look still, and they say they can tell the difference!). So.. its a great camera. Won the TIME award best camera for 2014 I think. I'm having one co
  2. I have been occupied for the last six months with a book project, hence have not submitted any images. But I submitted one image ten days ago and just had it approved. Is that the normal wait period now? Tony
  3. Hi I use the first auto setting for everything. Always in RAW and process them in ACR. Never had a reject from Alamy so far. I think its all about the RAW processing to get your image looking great. This way I never have to worry about technical things while on the run. Just try this method and it makes the taking of the images fun. This camera sits in my top shirt (most of the time) pocket while the Nikon D800e sits at home with all the $$$$$$ s of lenses etc. I also use the RX100 as a light meter for my Hasselblad film camera. Set the ASA and A and use it in a square format. Take a
  4. I suppose the box brownie will be the next camera on the list. It is such a change from the Hasselblad, D800e and RX100 and F100 that I am used to. So easy to operate. I was wondering if Kodak would provide an app so I can upload the images somehow. The results are very arty, but in my opinion art is not what this business is all about. 'what's art got to do it?' Ok Ok.... my age is showing, so what.... I channel Ansel Adams while I am scanning and previsualizing I am so busy that I run out of time to send up my art to Alamy Oh dear. I must get that 405 number up. Maybe I will get a smar
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I will upload a few and as you have said, got nothing to lose. Tony
  6. Hi all, I always wanted a Hasselblad 500cm film camera from the 70's. Finally got one off eBay with two lenses. My question is: How are monochrome images viewed by Alamy Quality Control Is there a market for monochrome I purchased the camera purely for artistic reasons, as I do my own processing and scanning and exhibition prints. As the images are completed and look wonderful, I was considering uploading, maybe I should have contacted Alamy but prefer your artistic, technical opinions as contributors. Thanks Tony
  7. Hi DWI have the old model for sale new on eBay or their home page for $565 AU. They also have the MK11 for sale at $805 AU. I got all my gear from them. I tend to leave the Nikon 800E and all its lenses purchased this year at home. The RX100 MK1 camera is just so convenient for a 70 year old retired man. I do still use the Nikon at home in a studio situation. I look upon the Nikon now as like my previously owned large and medium format cameras and treat it with the same shooting techniques. Not good news about the MK11 model, I was going to get one for my partner maybe time to wait for the
  8. Hi, All of my macro images are D800E with the Nikon 60 and 105 micro Edit: Just added a light box for all the Nikon D800E and Nikon Lenses Edit: http://www.alamy.com/lbx.asp?1167333 ( Nikon D800E ) Old link did not work as pointed out, thanks for that. Tony
  9. This is the message I get when I click on 'Use the New Version" Using IE Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash I have Flash installed. This only started to do this in the last three days. Must have changed some settings in IE but I can get access when I use Chrome ... I only do my key wording on the Laptop (while lying down!!) all other stuff works on my workstation. I do remember having to change some settings in IE for a security reason but can not quite remember what I did Oh... the old version shows the
  10. Thanks for your reply. I got a reply from Alamy, after writing an email, informing me not to submit too many for QC. If they find one in the first batch then the rest will be rejected. All fifty images were rejected because the first one was off. All subsequent QC following that batch were automatically rejected. Be safe... send one a day. Take the pressure off key wording and disappointment Tony
  11. I have a group of 5 submissions waiting for QC since the 15th May, this is a big delay, I am not submitting anymore as I do not want a load of key wording. Today is 6th June. I had a good look at news items but nothing from the powers to be as yet. thanks for reading Tony
  12. Hi, I have a four batches waiting for QC since the 15th May. I have stopped submitting as I hate all that key wording at the one time. I am in Australia ... Perth... maybe I'm too far away or is there a problem I should know about?
  13. Hi, Just wondering if any of you use a Wacom pen and tablet in Photoshop to do your PP for images. The reason I ask is that I am getting quite wobbly with the mouse now, and looking for something more accurate. I was looking at the Wacom Cintiq 13HD, a bit expensive !!!! $1075 AUD
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