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Alamy POTM April: Monochrome

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A couple more...


Sepia image of early morning sun filtering through woodland in Canning River Regional Park, Perth, WA.




Gelato store, modern apartments and shade umbrellas at Elizabeth Quay, Perth, WA.



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Art Deco -Miami beach south 2X234D1




Sea Cloud- Caribbean 2X234K8




Don't know if it's a Chrome thing but it won't let me resize.




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A few of mine: 


C6W6F2   The Manhattan Bridge & NYC Skyline seen from the Brooklyn Bridge. I took this photo the day I visited Alamy's then new offices in Brooklyn I believe. 




F56E2K Nauset light on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA




2K00012 A tranquil scene with sailboats, Newport, RI



BEWWM7  Open sign at the Marshall Point Lighthouse Museum, Port Clyde, Maine, USA




FNN4YE       Last but not least, my daughter and her favorite doll years ago at the airport on our way to...can you guess? Yep, Paris. I miss those days. In the blink of an eye my grandson will be as old as she was there. And I miss how easy and relatively safe it was to travel then. Actually hubby and I went out on our own one night, we brought my mom on the trip and she offered to was babysit, and we had to be evacuated from the Metro due to an actual bomb not just a threat - diffused thankfully.  Scanned from a color negative taken 20 years ago this month - yikes! 





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Some last minute monochromes...


The Lost World (El Mundo Perdido), Tikal, Guatemala CBXK3H





Garden Buddha and friend 2X2YDR7





Art Deco design 2ACHYGE





An empty chair FD3M3C





Hydrangea flowers EBWDFR





Marshland in Delta, British Columbia E9GPRC

















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