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Hi Brothers and Sisters,


Whom would you recommend to assist increasing resolution to 100%?


Photoshop charge, how about fotor image enhancer?


My existing facility built in to my computer does a very good image enhancer job but doesn't appear to work regarding pixelation and resolution.




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Are you talking about increasing image size by 100%? If so, I doubt any of your images would pass quality control no matter what enhancer you use unless your image has no noise & is very sharp. If you are trying to enlarge a small unclear (pixelated) or blurry photo by 100%, I doubt anything will help.

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

If I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to do, please be more clear. I hear noise removal is great with the new tool…is it in Photoshop or LR, John? DeNoise, isn’t it?

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LightRoom Classic had a very good IA noise removal tool for raw files only that I've used to rescue some older photos that were noisy.  Similar or same tool is in DxO PhotoLab.


There are some ways to increase file sizes and improve images, but the tool in LRC hasn't helped me much. 

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I'm thinking that the OP wants to view his images at 100%, but they pixelate when he tries to do this with his current image viewer ("existing facility") -- i.e. he doesn't have Photoshop or similar editing software. But I may be wrong...😕

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David, if I was you I would view the images of other contributors here, their captions and tags and compare to yours. These can be more important than the image quality, as without good relevant captions and tags no prospective buyers will find your images. As your preference for editing software appears to be free versions, take a look at Gimp. That has a zoom option that will allow you to zoom into your images at 100%. Affinity Photo is chargeable, but is often discounted, and is popular. When about to click your cameras shutter, try to visualise which sector may license your image, and if there are already thousands on Alamy, can you improve what is already there. Also try to predict trends that can help create topical images.  Consider all advice you are given, don’t be dismissive. Hoping all goes well.

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