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Why would a customer do this?

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We've all had refunds, and we 've probably all had re-sales of the same image for a lower amount. But why on earth would an end-user go to the bother of doing this below?!


Quite literally, just my 2 cents worth!







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33 minutes ago, antonsrkn said:

They're probably dealing with high volumes of sales. Agreed, saving 0.02 on 1 image is near pointless. Saving 0.02 on each of perhaps 100s or 1000s of licenses on the other hand.... 

Or just the customer changed their mind twice and there was a different exchange rate for the second purchase?

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There are many answers possible here. One that has come up often, is that clients like to have all images for one project on one separate bill. And this is the only way to do that. The differences are merely the fluctuations of the exchange rate.

Another one, but obviously not the case here is that grouping single purchases together can mean a discount.

The reason we get to see all of those accounting entries is that we are seeing them more or less real time. Most other agencies report when the money has come in and keep the books out of sight.



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Sometimes a sale is made and posted against the wrong customer account.

So the first sale is cancelled and then the sale is posted against the correct customer – and maybe in this case the difference in sale price is a typing error or a minor variation in exchange rates – or a change in the phase of the moon – or whatever.



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13 hours ago, MB Photography said:

I have had this happen multiple times. Sold, refunded, sold, refunded, sold… And they ended up paying more than the first sale which was several dollars difference.

It's possible the customer paid the same amount in their currency. But when Alamy report the sale to us, it's converted to US dollars at the latest rate.



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