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Finding my images on Alamy


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Go to "My Alamy", click on "manage images" under "organise".  From there, along the top of the window you'll see your pseudonym and to the right of that is a pulldown that will show you how many images you have in the collection, on sale (ready), not on sale (not ready), etc.  Click on Images- All, then make sure you sort by your reference number.  If there is anything in the Not-Ready you still need to keyword those images.

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Search by pesudo only works in advanced search.

Click on the number under your rep in the forum. It may say '0' but they are all there, 318.


Wow, I never would have figured that out, because I don't just click things at random. Nice feature!

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You know what I'm still getting an error message. First I copy the link to my images from the My Alamy page, where it says "My Alamy Home Page Ver 1.0" When I go to that page a get a nice search box, with my name above it.


If I click my name I get this

500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.



And if I hit back, it brings up a nice page of everything of mine.


Is there something wrong with that page? If so why is it shown in My Alamy as


"My Alamy Homepage presents your images in an exclusive area. Visitors can search or browse your collection without seeing pictures from other providers. If your website does not offer online shopping, customers can purchase and download your images 24/7 from My Alamy Homepage."

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@ Klinger

I have the same problem when I log in to Alamy. It says password is wrong but when I click on Alamy I'm logged in. Strange, very...

Alamy said I should delete my cookies but it doesn't help in my case...

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