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3 hours ago, meanderingemu said:

so not even all of the 17th, yikes.  not good

Or in my case the 16th, they're clearly short of a good Operations Manager - if I was a few years younger I'd send my CV in!


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4 hours ago, Avpics said:

I've lost track a little but it's either two or three days behind again. Being as it's the core of Alamy's sales income you would have thought it would be a priority to get a database that works as advertised.


Yes. What I'm noticing is if I update some keywords, spellings in caption etc if I click through to the image the next day the update is there, but the updates are not searchable until perhaps the day after. It's not so good for keeping up with moving trends or tweaking images to match common searches.


perhaps unrelated but I'm also seeing that at least one keyword phrase (which doesn't just pertain to my images) returns literally 0 relevant results, almost as if that keyword phrase is being shadowbanned/blacklisted.

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On 19/11/2020 at 11:27, Avpics said:

Fully up to date now, including yesterday's work.



i wonder if the server full update is just later now.  Maybe the work set up still affects it.


My blue number is up as of noon London GMT, but image still not available for sale

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