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Would love some feedback/ critique, please..

Murad RM

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Hope you all are doing great. So I have been here for a while now but I have not being uploading here regularly. Until about a week ago I had about 600 photos, now on way to hit my first thousand :D. 


This year has not been that great with only 3 sales so far. In average I get about 2/3 zooms per month with CTR 0.61. So far I have had 49 sales over the last 6 years.


I would love to get some feedback (in depth critique, feel free to be as harsh as you like) on my portfolio. 



Thank you in advance. 

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You've got a number of similars for the food and some of the others.   The best advice I've gotten here is one vertical, one horizontal, and maybe one from farther away or much closer.  Check the "photos sold" for the various months threads and see what sells best for food photos.  I suspect that most of them are in more natural settings as if they were on tables or when they are actually on tables, but haven't really checked.   Technically, the photos appear to be fine and 49 sales for a portfolio of around 600 photos is actually good, and your CTR is good. 

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Hi Muradur,

Great pictures, good captions and keywording. +1 to what MizBrown says above about too many similars. This will hurt your CTR ranking.


Also, you've got occasional landscape pictures that don't seem to show anything of interest and don't seem likely to sell:


Santa Clara Dam (Barragem de Santa Clara), Portugal. - Stock Image

Good luck.


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Here is my few pence worth...  (coming from a news Picture Editor background)

I actually like your portfolio! Nice selection of a variety of shots. A bit heavy on the repetition as others have pointed out (some I would just crop when I need a tighter shot, so no need to upload variations of the same pic). This goes mostly for the food shots. The landscape pics also are a too many of the same scene - pick the best, dump the rest. And if its not a killer shot, it helps the landscape ot have people or human activity in it... useful for editorial stuff!)

For the obvious model shots, get a release and you can probably sell more of it!

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There are at least 10 pictures of the dam, but what the subject appears to be to me is a dock that has a swimming pool in a lake.
I don’t see a dam.  Ok, now I do on a few of the later images. Nothing looks like a dam in the early ones so focus your caption and tags on the lake, dock and pool on those. Beware using the same tags and caption on a whole group, because some variations of the same scene may have or have not the same elements in it. I couldn’t tell that was a dam in the earlier shots, it just looked like a shoreline.

Mz Brown is right about similars.
Nice pictures. Beautiful scenery but always have a strong subject, The pool provides it, the lake by itself doesn’t.


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