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  1. Hey, Hope you all are doing great. So I have been here for a while now but I have not being uploading here regularly. Until about a week ago I had about 600 photos, now on way to hit my first thousand :D. This year has not been that great with only 3 sales so far. In average I get about 2/3 zooms per month with CTR 0.61. So far I have had 49 sales over the last 6 years. I would love to get some feedback (in depth critique, feel free to be as harsh as you like) on my portfolio. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/muradrm Thank you in advance.
  2. Well done David! For me: Almost 3 years now in Alamy 499 images 7 sales. (Found another 2 images used on a website, sales yet to show up in my dashboard.) Clearly I have a long way to go
  3. One sale for $ 53.29 That photo was zoomed couple of times almost a year ago, and finally showed up in sales
  4. Just came this 2 duplicate images from different sources as I was searching for images of Salmon dishes. Image ID : E6APKH and CXG2FP Anyone else found any more like this? just wondering how common it is
  5. You have a lot of similars so your effective port size is quite small. Variety. Thanks, yah will be uploading lot more verity soon.
  6. I almost gave up, then had my first 2 sales on June after 2 years being on alamy, so not too bad for me One for $119 another for $15
  7. Thanks, yah its a US magaizine, covering celebrity news etc.
  8. Its a celebrity gossip magazine, is it the same case for them? Also do I need to give a contract, or they will send me one? If I need one, is there a sample anywhere I can see Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I had a weekly magazine from interested to license on of my photo, the photo isnt on Alamy or any other Licensing sites. As I haven't never done it myself before, wondering how do I go about setting price, contracts etc. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks www.muradrm.com
  10. That's great that you had a sale so quick. really hope I will get my first one soon. Joined only about less than a month ago. Still didnt have any zoom on any of my photo and 0 CTR
  11. hahaha... Yah waiting for the QC, hopefully if they get approved I will sigh one for myself. Oh another question guys, does Alamy accept digitally signed model release?
  12. yah, I have always been using Filezilla as well. Very easy to use
  13. hey guys, I have been reading though at lot of threads over here, seems like you need a model release on a photo even if its a part of a person. I have some photos where I have used my own hand to hold stuffs. So, wondering, if I can sign a release for myself. If so, Is it the same as normal model relesae and you you feel up your informations on both model and photographer field? Thanks in advance
  14. yah the number issue seems to be fixed now I guess i will wait for a while and if the eroor on the image gets fixed, if not contact alamy. Thanks guys
  15. Also just realised on my forum profile, it says I have 0 images?
  16. Thanks guys, well it does show in my portfolio as, but I when i click on it, it says: ''Sorry we didnt receive any image'' weired
  17. Hey guys, when I try to zoom in on one of my photo, it says: ''Sorry we didnt receive any image'' Any one knows why is this happening? Can it be a problem with the alamy or there was error when I was uploading the file.? Link to the photo
  18. Dragging doest work for me either, may I am doing it wrong. What I do is: Right click on the photo, then press copy image location and paste it on the google image search. Hope it helps
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