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  1. Well done David! For me: Almost 3 years now in Alamy 499 images 7 sales. (Found another 2 images used on a website, sales yet to show up in my dashboard.) Clearly I have a long way to go
  2. One sale for $ 53.29 That photo was zoomed couple of times almost a year ago, and finally showed up in sales
  3. Just came this 2 duplicate images from different sources as I was searching for images of Salmon dishes. Image ID : E6APKH and CXG2FP Anyone else found any more like this? just wondering how common it is
  4. You have a lot of similars so your effective port size is quite small. Variety. Thanks, yah will be uploading lot more verity soon.
  5. I almost gave up, then had my first 2 sales on June after 2 years being on alamy, so not too bad for me One for $119 another for $15
  6. Thanks, yah its a US magaizine, covering celebrity news etc.
  7. Its a celebrity gossip magazine, is it the same case for them? Also do I need to give a contract, or they will send me one? If I need one, is there a sample anywhere I can see Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I had a weekly magazine from interested to license on of my photo, the photo isnt on Alamy or any other Licensing sites. As I haven't never done it myself before, wondering how do I go about setting price, contracts etc. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks www.muradrm.com
  9. That's great that you had a sale so quick. really hope I will get my first one soon. Joined only about less than a month ago. Still didnt have any zoom on any of my photo and 0 CTR
  10. hahaha... Yah waiting for the QC, hopefully if they get approved I will sigh one for myself. Oh another question guys, does Alamy accept digitally signed model release?
  11. yah, I have always been using Filezilla as well. Very easy to use
  12. hey guys, I have been reading though at lot of threads over here, seems like you need a model release on a photo even if its a part of a person. I have some photos where I have used my own hand to hold stuffs. So, wondering, if I can sign a release for myself. If so, Is it the same as normal model relesae and you you feel up your informations on both model and photographer field? Thanks in advance
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