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Landscape photographer of the year 2013

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I've just noticed an Alamy tweet from yesterday entitled "Congrats David Lyons! His image has won the Your View category in Landscape Tog of the year 2013"


I think the winners are well worth a look.


They all seem hyperlinks and can't see how to copy the link to the slideshow here - can someone help out?  These are great pictures.


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I'll echo Paul's thoughts on that - a lovely photo, Milouvision - and well done on your success.  Looking at the first couple of pages of your port., many seem to have a similar feel and I can't but think along the same lines ("yes, but has it sold?").  Really don't seem like your standard stock to me - more POD sites, competitions (salons) and galleries.  I'm sure that you are doing well in those areas - at least I do hope so!

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Thanks. I run a photoblog rather than a portfolio site (although I have the 'essence' of two projects at: http://www.dbphotographic.com). After exhibiting at http://mastersofvision.co.uk/ in August, I have a book due out next month: http://seafeverbook.co.uk/


Gorgeous stuff - now that's what I expected to see!  Bets of luck with all your ventures.

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Congrats to all. I was the winner of that category last year and the runner-up this year with Hebridean Sea III:



Hebridean Sea III by milouvision, on Flickr


>> Shameless thread revival <<


Book site has been updated with shots of the book so that its size can be ascertained: http://seafeverbook.co.uk/ e.g.




plus exhibition: http://www.milouvision.com/exhibitions/



I hope that image is on Alamy, milou.

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