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Favourite Street Photographers

John Mitchell

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I am late to this thread but I like Vivian Maier for the reasons Linda had mentioned on pg 2 of this topic.  Not only was she very good as a street photographer, she never sought after approval or needed recognition for what she did.  That is completely counter intuitive or unnatural for most of us, myself included.  I also saw a show of her work, in Chicago, and was just blown away seeing her photography and reading her life story.  

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Here is my input







Never come across him before but his street photographs are excellent - I love the style.

I like him, he is having few free books on street photography. Totally concentrated on the art of street photography rather then making money of it.

I agree with all the previous posts about the notorious guys in Magnum and the unique talent of Vivian Maier, however I would like to point out somebody current and interesting not particularly famous.

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Kertesz, HCB, Mydans, Russell Lee, Dorthea Lange and many more. (if you can broaden the definition of 'street photographer' as a shooter who goes out and about looking around.)


Every once in a while, I find a newly published book or discover one I never heard of, and am amazed at truly wonderful work by early 20th century and late 19th century photographers who never got their due. All that work and effort, all the set backs, the risks, and  talent, and finally if they're lucky, a hundred years later, a book they would never know about.


All of them were true 'artists', yet oddly, society in general views just about anybody in the creative trades (musicians, actors, etc) as artists- except photographers, it seems.

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One of my favorite street photographer (he call himself "photojournalist")  is Ara Guler..  He is from Turkey.





I think that the sudden interest generated by your post killed his web site!



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