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  1. You can do masking in Darktable, however for more dedicated stuff I would recommend GIMP - the new version is awesome.
  2. Interested... so I thought I'd give it a try on Mac OS X Yosemite. I tried Versions 1.6.8 and 1.6.9 and couldn't get either of them to import any images. The file/folder navigation doesn't seem to work (unless I'm doing something daft). When I double click on one folder is selects a different one, 8 entries further down the list. I tried importing from SD card and it didn't find the SD card either. I tried putting some images in the folder I can select, and it didn't find them. Mmmm.... Looking on the net suggests I may have to also install MacPorts and some dependencies, but I've no idea how to do this. I though the DarkTable OS-X installer would just work... It seems not. Maybe it's OK for Linux users, but not quite so straightforward for Mac Users? I don't know about Mac users, but on Linux installation is pretty easy.
  3. I just want to share my positive experience with the Darktable and Linux. I have used Lightroom for couple of years now (4 and 5) and I found that the Darktable has much more levels of control over image modification, including the integrated noise reduction profiles for specific cameras (Pentax for example). The software is free and easy to use, once you get use to it. Besides it allows automated workflow in the way as Lightroom. Here is the link http://www.darktable.org/
  4. Good work Sasa, keep up the uploading !
  5. It is my pleasure!
  6. It thought it would be nice if I share this link with you http://photogrammar.yale.edu/map/ . So you can browse and enjoy! Cheers,
  7. Браво Пламене, много добри снимки. Интересен избор на камера - поздравления. Павел
  8. Here is the workflow for correcting the orientation if needed after uploading the images to Alamy: 1. Detect the images with the wrong orientation and record the Alamy ref# as well as the personal ref# 2. Upload the images with correct orientation to Alamy for QC 3. After images pass the QC record the Alamy ref# of the new corrected files 4. Send IM an email (im@alamy.com) with the list of files quoted by the Alamy ref# and personla ref# for replacement All it takes is 2-3 days to get everything corrected, the keywords are passed to the new files from IM services. I hope this helps.
  9. Thanks Robert, your advice is highly appreciated. Regards
  10. Thanks for the advice Niels, The images are in jpg format.
  11. Hi guys, I just wanted to share my experience with images not showing with the right orientation in the submission lots. The interesting fact is that apparently the original images on my computer are all in the right orientation, however after uploading the all the images are becoming from portrait to landscape. This issue is only with my last 2 uploads. Have you ever experienced such a problem? I have notified the MS and recovery efforts are underway, however all the images with wrong orientation are back to the QC again. I'll keep you posted for the workflow required to correct the problem.
  12. Thanks Maria, the topic of the challenge is just great. Here is my input, it is resembling my view point at the good life: 1. Good friends, vacation and tons of fun 2. Love, vacation and photography 3. And maybe the best in my mind (it is not coming with any of the complications of the two above) kids play and vacation All the images are from the Cuban Cayos (Keys) Cheers,
  13. I think you got it right, and it is confirming the observations made from Reimar about the fruits.
  14. Hi Reimar, now once you pointed I see them too, don't you think it's possible to be a new leaf of a dry one. It would be nicer if we have a full crop here.
  15. I just saw Reimar post. I don't see any fruit on the picture attached, however I am pretty positive in my previous post.
  16. Species: Schefflera morototoni ( . Aubl ) Maguire , Steyerm . & Frodin Synonyms: Didymopanax morototoni ( Aubl . ) Decne . & Planch . Family: Araliaceae Common name : caixeta occurred in RS : Native Geographical Distribution: In Rio Grande do Sul is common in the forest of the Upper Uruguay and possible on the Atlantic forest ( Sobral et al., 2006 ) I hope it helps, Cheers
  17. Hi guys, Dolphin stopped working for me once the update to lollipop rolled ( it was not opening any page) even though it was upgraded with the new OS. I reinstalled it and it is back to normal now, nicely working with the applets. And Bryan at least Dolphin improved one aspect of your daily routine Cheers
  18. Hi Bryan, I came across the same problem as you on my Nexus 7, however I found reasonable solution called Dolphin browser (Google play), this browser supports Adobe Flash and you can use it with Alamy applet. Cheers,
  19. OK guys I am giving you another one Charles Rushton http://www.crushton.com/ He is not exactly street photographer, however it worth looking at his art.
  20. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the shooting a "story" Martin , it is really valuable information. Other then that I really enjoyed your work, great website by the way. Cheers
  21. Never come across him before but his street photographs are excellent - I love the style. I like him, he is having few free books on street photography. Totally concentrated on the art of street photography rather then making money of it. I agree with all the previous posts about the notorious guys in Magnum and the unique talent of Vivian Maier, however I would like to point out somebody current and interesting not particularly famous.
  22. Here is my input http://thomas.leuthard.photography/ Cheers
  23. Hi Martin, I think PhaseOne is listening to our forum and particularly to you. Please read the following press release: http://www.dpreview.com/articles/9012734727/phase-one-to-introduce-a-series-mirrorless-medium-format-camera-system Cheers , Pavel
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