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  1. This seemed like a pretty good deal at Costco. The 5T Seagate external hard drive is on sale for $99.99 from $120, and not only, there's attached a coupon worth 2 months of Adobe CC.
  2. I'm in business! I downloaded the free seven day trial for Illustrator. My first genuine vector illustration is now up, accepted and for sale. Took about three days to create just one, but from learning by doing, online tutorials and the helpful advice here (thanks) future illustrations should be much easier.
  3. Thank you both Jill and Sprocket. Yes, I will try Illustrator since I already have the CC and can at least get a free trial to start.
  4. I just had a great idea on how to easily make millions at this business, and thought I'd mess with vector illustration a bit. So I had a few fundamental technical questions for anyone who would be kind of enough to answer. I do understand the basic concept of how vector files work as opposed to raster files. And I've gone thru a few informative, online tutorials. But I'd still like to know if "vector files" created in Photoshop CC using "paths" to design shapes can be saved as EPS files that are perfectly compatible with Alamy standards. (assuming all the technicals are perfec
  5. Thanks for all the replies. When the opportunity arises, I will be much wiser and prepared. And yes Blind Pig, I will be sure to be in great sprinting shape!
  6. To take a photo of a wild African elephant for a photograph, I do wonder what exactly is a safe distance, from either on foot or a vehicle? I know in Yellowstone National Park it is advisable and legally required to stay at least a hundred yards ( about 90 meters) away from a grizzly bear, plus I personally would recommend at least 200 yards when hiking in open country, or avoid the area altogether. My philosophy on this is that animals need their space, and they don't mind you if you stay in 'your' space. Intrude though, and it can be a problem. Basically, if they 'want' their photo taken, th
  7. One $125 sale in October, but three November sales already for total $150 gross today alone! Keywording attention lately may be paying off.
  8. No leads I know of. I imagine that in the future we could "digitally sign" a unique code into our camera equipment as we buy and sell legally, that goes in conjunction with serial numbers (some national or international registry like with auto registration numbers), so it would be worthless to thieves?
  9. A while back, we discussed the hazards of being robbed of camera equipment, especially in San Francisco, but in this case and a couple of others not very long ago, photographers visiting San Francisco were not only robbed of their equipment, but murdered too. I imagine most big cities pose similar hazards, yet this place, Twin Peaks with the great views of San Francisco , where I too have photographed, is close to home. http://www.mercedsunstar.com/news/state/article161929978.html
  10. Awesome Vincent! Switch to Button Mode. I just tried it. That's even better.
  11. Nice shot, Autumn Sky! Aully, don't talk like that! No need to be discouraged or intimidated or whatever. If you have the passion, the 'bug', all those 'technicals' will come as you hone your photographic eye. The major camera manufacturers have been working the technical angle for the last hundred years to make operating a camera easier and easier. Oblige them and conquer this beast! Ultimately though, the 'artist' in you is what counts, not so much the technician. Know the fundamentals of course (f stop, ISO, shutter speed, proper exposure, learn what's sharp, and so forth), and use
  12. To operate an action in PhotoShop, you need to select the particular action, and then select the "Go" arrow below to make it actually perform- a two step process. Surely a trivial request, but it would be nice to make this a 'one step' operation. That is, simply clicking the action itself automatically applies that operation. Maybe there could be a little arrow on the each action itself, so when you click that particular arrow, the effect is to not only select that action, but also activate it simultaneously. This could add up to much time savings when working on myriads of photos.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I think I will take Marianne;s suggestion and get a new card or two and get the Lexar Rescue with it. If I can rescue those images from the bad card, great- if not, at least the cost in trying was minimal and I have a new card.
  14. A year ago while on the Big Island of Hawaii, I thought I would splurge and buy a Delkin CF 700x 64 Gigabyte compact flash card at the local camera store in Kona. What a dream come true, practically shoot to my heart's content all on the same card, not needing to change cards or download while travelling. Went thru the card a few times over the last year, nothing excessive, but now the card is totally gone. Fortunately I only lost a day's work of photos, all of which I can repeat again some time. I am wondering what could have gone wrong and if there is a simple retrieval fix that isn't co
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