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So I just snooped around PA Media's website (I am assuming this is the same company) and tried their pricing tool to get a sense of how much they are currently asking for images that I would typically find on Alamy. My search term was "travel". You can try it here:


The tool returns very good (high) prices. Of course what the negotiated price would be is another matter. Your thoughts?


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8 hours ago, geogphotos said:

You will get the same sort of high prices using the Alamy calculator. The same with Getty though nobody ever, ever buys at those prices on Getty - it's all through Premium Access.

Not quite 'all', but certainly 'far too many'.

I have occasionally had sales at rack rate there, but note 'occasionally'.

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I thought I'd see if they could use my wildlife photos. Yep. I searched for 'elephant' and very few elephants appeared. The first image is a jaguar and some of the images of people don't seem to relate to elephants at all. Their keywording may be even worse than Alamy's.



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