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  1. Please Alamy, don't give my 8000 pixel wide images to clients who purchase for presentation and newsletter use. I don't see any logical reason for doing this other than giving away the farm (so to speak.) This was an incredible shock when I saw it on my sales statement and I'm sorry to say, it has dampened my enthusiasm significantly. The idea of someone having my 144 megabyte file on their computer for the next 5 years and expecting them to only use it for a/v's and newsletters is hard for me to accept. I think this is a case of me valuing my images too highly and Alamy valuing them too little. But the recent sale was part of an expensive shoot on my part. Rick Boden
  2. I've been using the 5DsR for the past 4 years for my aerial photography. The increased resolution over the MK II and MK III is noticeable. It is not the best for low light but still If you take a look at my images you'll see some night shots over LA that were taken with this camera at ISO800 and ISO1600 and it definitely worked for me. For sunny day work this camera has banished all of my medium format desires.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's the same site (FAA) but I don't have the option. I'll keep my eyes open though. The last thing I want is for them to sell my images as stock without me knowing about it.
  4. Thank you. Funny but it is not listed as an option on my page. The closest I could see was the option for "Digital Picture Frame Streaming" which I turned off.
  5. I've just started sending photos to that fine art POD site and I think it will help me with my Alamy contributions too as I can upload to Alamy at the same time. One thing, I could not find anywhere on the "art" site an option to sell as stock in order to turn it off.
  6. Yes, I just don't understand the reasoning for giving a high res file for a low res use. I have a stock page on PhotoDeck which is similar to PhotoShelter and even on those sites, I can control the file size of the image given to the customer depending on the usage (and price.) Rick
  7. I just moved all my recent images from RF to RM and selected "Don't sell for personal use." However, since a customer can get the same high resolution image at the same price by choosing "Presentation or Newsletter Use" , I don't know how effective this will be. Rick Boden
  8. Thank you Marianne, I was planning to move all my recent Alamy Images from RF to RM specifically so I can deny PU and also Presentation use. I think it's ludicrous that Alamy will give a customer a 8000 pixel wide image for slideshow and newsletter usage. Now I see I cannot control Presentation use so not sure what to do now. Rick Boden
  9. How about size limits for minimum pricing? I just had a sale for "Presentation Use" (newsletters, Powerpoint, etc.) but they are selling the full 8000 pixel wide image for that use as far as I can see...unless that is just how they describe the image. If it is the full image, it must be simple to scam the system unless Alamy keeps a close watch on usage. Has anyone asked Alamy about this? And sorry if you feel this is changing the topic...let me know and I will start a new one. But I think having a size limit makes it much easier to live with a minimum price. Rick Boden
  10. I'm planning to put a bunch of my nicer landscape photos up on a fine art site, most likely FAA. As I will also be putting them on Alamy, I am wondering if going with an Alamy RM license will give the images a bit more credibility/protection/? I'm having trouble coming up with clear thoughts on this and would welcome any input. Thanks, Rick Boden
  11. I don't think you need to do anything further. I put 3 up last fall and they were straight out of a Photoshop edit (after stitching, I use autopano). I didn't realize there was an animation until I read your post and checked my images. Thanks. https://bit.ly/2N9wLwm
  12. Thanks, I have my work website linked rather than Alamy although there is a stock link there. I just realized the last image I posted to IG, I forgot to mention Alamy. I'm thinking that maybe a good solution for me would be to end the description with something like "Available as a stock photo on @alamyltd as image #12345"
  13. Thanks very much! I appreciate your thoughts and glad to have my method confirmed. Rick Boden
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