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  1. I'm very impressed with the way it looks and functions but to be honest, I don't use it. I bought it when it first came out a few years ago (when they had a low introductory price) as insurance for when I wanted to drop out of Adobe's subscription program. The short amount of time I've spent with the app makes me feel it is second only to Photoshop for image editing. I am also impressed that they have not come out with a paid upgrade version...contrast that with Luminar with a paid update every year.
  2. Thanks for letting us know about that. I have Photo and Designer and this is a great opportunity to add Publisher...not that I'll know what to do with it, just a sucker for a deal. 🙂 Rick Boden
  3. I may have missed it but haven't seen this answer yet. In Lightroom's Develop module, hit the "R" key to enter the crop tool. Then click the "Command" key on a Mac and drag a line along the horizon or a vertical line along a pole or building edge near the centre of the image. The image will automatically straighten without any white areas. Not sure what the Windows key for Mac-Command is but should be easy to figure out. Rick Boden
  4. luminar is a new kind of subscription software where they bring out a new version every year at an upgrade price that is probably 75% of the full price. Forget about bug fixes for the old version or any support. Usually you will find the older version for sale for a couple of dollars at an online bundle store. I base that on my experience with a sister app called Aurora HDR which I buy every year. Having said that I recently purchased Luminar only for the sky replacement module which works very well, but I only use it as a Lightroom or Photoshop plugin. If you're looking for a good editing app that won't ask for paid upgrades every year, I suggest affinityphoto
  5. I'm sure this topic has been covered but I haven't been able to find it.* Going though some of my older Alamy images, I see many that I could have done a much better colour and tone editing and I am wondering what options I have to replace the image other than delete and upload anew. *OK I have found some threads from just over two years ago and it seems the way to do this is to upload the new image and then send Alamy the old reference number and they will delete. It doesn't seem ideal and I'm wondering if there is anything new on this subject. Thanks, Rick Boden
  6. Yes, although I have moved most to RM, in the end my solution is to not submit my highest res photos and go with a maximum of 5500px or less. Not a real solution as the presentation buyer will get a high-res file but at least not as high as possible. I doubt Alamy has a problem with me submitting this way and they are welcome to ask me if I have a bigger file if a sale warrants it. Rick Boden
  7. Anyone into architecture photos might be interested in a lens/adapter combo I put together for my a6500. I bought a Laowa 12mm Zero D lens and a Fotodiox shift adapter (canon/sony) and the result gives me pretty much the shift I would get with a 17mm Canon TSE on a full frame Canon...maybe even a bit more shift. Although I have used it for extreme shifts photographing high buildings, here's a couple samples on single story structures. This, by the way, is a sample of the sky replacement feature of Luminar 4. It works pretty well. https://www.workabove.com/WG/skyswitch/# Rick Boden
  8. Thank you, I did not know that although I should have. But I wonder if clients will also make that mistake when searching for images from Mexico? Rick Boden
  9. At least I didn't see subscription pricing. That would worry me. Those images look quite dull and lifeless, maybe on purpose. Rick Boden
  10. Thanks, yes I've been doing this over the past while. Still I'm scratching my head over why they are doing this and I'm wondering now because of the recent sale of the company, perhaps quantity of sales was a goal for them.
  11. I didn't read that was the reason for the acquisition, only that the diversity would make them better. Let's hope they can expand sales in this area.
  12. Perhaps this P A Media Group is aquiring Alamy because they want to expand beyond News imagery. That would be my hope.
  13. Thanks. Sounds like an interesting past in helicopters Ed. I am trying to avoid helicopters in this weather but I have one monthly job where I get to fly with the door off and I hope it will be closer to zero then, not the -30 we're currently enjoying.
  14. When I mentioned this 360 degree image sale was a first for me, I missed the fact that it also contained another first...a 50 year license! Alamy licensed this image from 2020 to 2070. I may have had these before but I don't remember seeing any. I just looked back at a few recents and they all end in 2024.
  15. I haven't seen this but it sounds dangerously close to subscription pricing.
  16. On the subject of minimum pricing, I'd much rather see maximum sizing.
  17. What subjects in winter... Any thoughts on what subjects when it is extremely cold like the -30ºC temperatures we'll be experiencing for the next week or so? BTW, I think Calgary is the same Latitude as London. What a difference a bit of altitude and having mountains for neighbours make.
  18. I promise this is the last time I will mention NeoFinder...today. But reading through the manual I see I can easily catalog my Lightroom images. Why would I want to do this? Well it's nice to have a backup, especially if I someday move away from lightroom. But also NeoFinder has a built-in Adobe XML editor so you can add captions, keywords, etc. in NeoFinder and they will show up in Lightroom and vice versa. Not sure if the keyword editor in NeoFinder is better but it is different. In the Mac version, you also have access to addition ways to tag images by Label, Comment, and Tags. I think I am going to buy this app as it looks very useful. They do have a very good non-expiring demo. https://www.cdfinder.de/guide/3/3.14/catalog_lightroom.html
  19. I don't think anyone can control the race to the bottom when it comes to pricing but photographers should be able to get a fair royalty split. For me the good thing about Alamy is not the pricing but the fair sharing of royalties. The other companies have really suckered their contributors.
  20. Marianne, I agree with you. Other than being locked into the Adobe subscription service, I think Lightroom is as good or better than any. My interest in the iView alternative stems from having a bunch of DVDs cataloged with it prior to my switching to LR. But I've since decided to move all my DVD's to Hard Drive and will re-catalog them in LR. Incidentally a lot of the apps mentioned in this thread are good image management programs but only a couple are actual cataloging apps.
  21. I mentioned NeoFinder earlier. It is for the Mac but they make a similar app for Windows called abeMeda. The reason I'm bringing it up again is because I have been playing a bit with it today and wanted to share a couple of things. First of all, to me it is very similar to the old iView Media Pro software based on what I can remember...and it is definitely a cataloging app. Unfortunately while it advertises iView compatibility, it does not import the iView catalogs directly. Apparently you have to export XML files from iView and then import those which is something I can't do with my current Mac as I don't have iView and it's 32 bit. If you liked iVew Media Pro, you will probably like this application as well as it seems to have the same features and adds more.
  22. Thanks, I used an APS-C Sony (I think I had an a5100 at the time) and 8mm Rokinon fisheye using AutoGigaPano to merge the images. AutoGigaPano is not supported any more unfortunately.
  23. I don't want to get into an argument about Adobe and I don't like subscriptions myself, however my LR subscription has to be the bargain of a lifetime because of the amount of time I spend in LR and PS and I definitely use the new features a lot. Contrast that with my mobile phone subscription which costs four times more and I use a fraction of the time. Saying that, if Adobe increased their subscription pricing it might stop being a great bargain and I would seriously think about moving to another platform.
  24. Wondering if anyone else has uploaded 360 degree images and had any luck with sales. I think I only have 3 online but just had a sale of image R13A02 which is a photo I took on top of Mount Temple, an 11,000 foot mountain near Lake Louise, AB. Not a huge sale but nice to see there is a market for this. Rick Boden
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