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  1. I can understand the people who have no problem with the PU sales as really, you can think of it as "free money." But in my case I invest significant money to make my aerial photos and even then, I would gladly endorse personal sales, but please not an 8000 pixel wide image.
  2. I agree with the majority who say the poll should be in pixel size and limit also to presentation/newsletters. I have stopped sending in my 8000+ pixel wide images after seeing one sell full resolution for a 5 year presentation use. Now limiting my Alamy uploads to 5500 pixels but still hate to see them go towards a "powerpoint" presentation when 2500 would be more than enough.
  3. Thanks. In a roundabout way, Bill Brooks got me started on my aerial photography career many years ago when he suggested since I lived fairly close to the oil sands, I should take some photos there. I took his advice but then found there was virtually no accessibility other than from an aircraft. Those photos did fairly well but that market has since dried up with competition and declining oil prices. But I got hooked on flying after that. But just like how the internet changed the stock industry, the advent of drones has changed the aerial photography industry. In both cases, (In my case) for the worse. Rick Boden
  4. Thanks. I don't get a lot of customers but enough to at least pay for the site. It helps, I guess to have a specialty and in my case it is aerials. It probably also helps to promote the photos on social media...for example last week I took some aerial photos of a large Cannabis grow operation under construction and since it is timely, I should be trying to flog them.
  5. Thank you, that is some very useful information for me. I've always been on the RM side but felt pressured into going RF. Also I didn't like the hassle of dealing with usage inquiries for my own RM images. I may start to slowly switch my images back to RM and I'm wondering about doing so with images that have already sold as RF. The most surprising thing to me is reading that RF is more associated with commercial. I think that must have switched over the years, or perhaps I am thinking of more high end use which likely doesn't exist anymore. Rick Boden
  6. Thanks, I don't believe I have much in the way of people but I will certainly check those and make them "editorial." As for property, mostly it is cities and buildings and industrial complexes, not personal property. I thought the common wisdom was to put the decision into the hands of the buyer...at least that is what I read a lot here. But I understand that is not ultimate protection. And one last question...it's late here so it may be clear to me in the morning...but why would RM protect me where RF wouldn't?
  7. For those of you who sell your own stock (PhotoShelter, etc.,) as well as having it on Alamy, I'm curious how you deal with pricing. Do you have the same pricing and structure as Alamy or do you charge more or less? I'm also trying to figure out if there are any ethical concerns in selling for more on your site when a customer could perhaps get the same image for less on Alamy and maybe a better term. Ever since I discovered Alamy gives high resolution files for low resolution usage, I have been toying with the idea of limiting the resolution of my Alamy images to say, 4000 pixels and putting higher resolution versions on my own site. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts about that. Thanks for any replies. Rick Boden
  8. I managed to answer my own question. Playing around with the Alamy Bridge Plugin that Matt mentioned, I see that it will create a new field in Metadata called "Alamy Reference" and it will automatically enter the proper Alamy ref. when you run the "Fetch Alamy Metadata Exporter." That is handy. Rick Boden
  9. That sounds good too, but knowing how I work, I wonder if I could mess this up by separating the files. Something to think about, Thanks!
  10. That would be nice. I wonder if there is any way to automate adding the Alamy reference number?
  11. Thanks, I forgot about Collections. I work similarly but have my sub-collections titled by content so I end up with a lot of them and I'm not sure whether I can keep it this way although if I throw everything in a "submitted" collection it would work. But I like to keep them open in case I want to add new work that has the same content. I am finding the new colour labels that can be applied to collections very handy as I tag the submitted collection folders this way. Thanks for this, I will get a system up in place eventually.
  12. Hi Matt, I bought Alamy Bridge last year but I confess I've had difficulty understanding just how it works. I take it you are using it successfully so maybe I'll give it another shot. Thanks.
  13. I did the exercise and found what you did...at least one photo anyway and I'm wondering if the "tog?" may have gotten a release for the prominent person and not the others and checked model release for that reason. I have a few photos where I have a release only for the main person in the shot and I have indicated so in the caption but checked "no model release" which I think is the best way to do it but I would be interested in other's comments on that.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will continue to use colour labels when I am working on submissions but as MDM says, labels, ratings and picks are easy to change and knowing myself, probably too easy. Also I use my photos for more than Alamy so I will start using a keyword or two as a more permanent marker. Rick Boden
  15. Thanks, I also have been using green to tag my submissions...I tag them red when they've been captioned and keyworded and green when they've been "colour" edited. I think that may be a good option to keep but I have been using colours for other purposes as well so I think in my case a keyword or other text metadata might also be good.
  16. Good point, thanks. So just adding an "Alamy" specific keyword. Makes sense. Rick
  17. Thanks, that would be a good choice but I use my pick flag for assignment work so I think that's not viable for me. Rick
  18. I've started submitting on practically a daily basis but going through my old files and I'm trying to come up with a solution for tagging images that I have submitted so I don't accidentally submit the same image twice. I'm wondering if and how others do it...colour label, special catalog, keyword or other metadata entry? Thanks for any advice. Rick Boden
  19. Thanks again John and Mark, I just went into the Image Manager and ticked Exclusivity for most of my images as I have no near term plans to list with another agency. Rick Boden
  20. Thanks for the confirmation John.
  21. I've seen answers to two of my questions on separate threads and it would be nice to get all three answered together if possible. Here are my questions: 1. When I mark exclusive on Alamy, can I still sell on my own site (eg. Photoshelter or Photodeck?) 2.. When I mark exclusive, can I still sell on one of those POD sites? (only not as stock) 3. Should I decide to sell with another company, is it just a matter of unchecking the box, or is there a time limiting factor involved? Thanks, Rick Boden
  22. Thank you. Good advice. I have the 11-27.5mm lens and thinking about the 10mm but it's not that much wider. I guess better resolution and perhaps better for underwater? Rick Boden
  23. Bill, thank you for mentioning the Nikon AW1. It wasn't even on my radar but after doing a little research, it looks almost perfect. I found a great condition used one locally and picked it up this morning. Now I think I need something like a floating neck strap so I don't lose it. Rick Boden
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