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How important are the primary and secondary categories when preparing an image for sale?

I often have difficulty deciding on a suitable one, nevermind two, for instance, just a picture of a street, not really architecture, not sure about lifestyle but not what I would choose and not really travel, or perhaps it is. Another image of a church, well I could use architecture for primary but what for secondary? I really think there needs to be a few more choices

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Steve, I'm a bit of sceptic about the usefulness of categories but these threads cover a few points:






I'm certainly of the opinion that you should try and fill them in but I often struggle with the primary, let alone the secondary. 

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3 hours ago, Steve Tucker said:

Next one Busker on street, what category does that go under? Occupations? hmmm



since i include performance art in Art i would usually but it there.    on a literal interpretation it is "entertainment"

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