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Selling archival frames from 16mm films?

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Hello my forum friends,


I have access to a hefty 16mm film archive that houses hundreds or more of old educational and industrial films. Some narratives too. Whatever schools used to show to their classes back in the 1950-70s. Would there be potential to sell frames of these films as stock? Been thinking about it, but have no idea how that would work. And I find it more rewarding to sell my own photos actually.



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The quality from even a 35mm still is essentially a 1/2 frame and they are really poor compared to a 35mm full frame stills camera. A freeze frame from a 16mm is going to be awful! And then there is the copyright issue. Not worth pursuing unless you have something unique and historic. Documentary footage for schools doesn't sound the ticket 

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Thanks all! I guess you're right. That thread about the discarded slides is quite interesting. I make experimental collage films with these discarded 16mm films and am covered by the "fair use" clause, but selling shots might be another matter. It might be very difficult to identify a movie from a single frame, of course. 🙂

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